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This blog is for individuals who are either being targeted or stalked by government sponsored perpetrators. Christians who have had to face this challenge and who have studied know that the Church is either consenting, participating or in the dark about what is happening in this country. If you are a believer and are going through a trial hopefully you will find support here. We all know that the government in spying on everything we say and everything we do so you have to use a little wisdom. However, the constitutional right to free speech applies here.

My name is Bridget, and I have been a target for at least 7 years but probably for longer. I am the author of If the West Falls . . . which is a book I wrote as a result of researching gang stalking. It is available at Amazon.com and Barns and Noble and probably a few other places.  There is an explanation of my book on the page in this blog with that title and a link to Amazon.com.

I have another book, Jesus (aka Yashua) for Positively Pagan Dummies that will be coming out soon. That book is for non believers and believers alike.That book pulls away the religious rubble from the Christian faith and focuses on Jesus as a personality. It is designed to help people who are very non religious or not of the Christian faith get to know our savior without a lot of religious barriers.

Believers and non believers are welcome here.  We do not use course language here.  We do not promote propoganda here.  We speak the truth in love.  We season our speech with grace. God bless.


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Journal of Gang Stalking Incidents

121514 It has been awhile since I posted to this blog.  My mother has moved in with me and that has left me with some challenges as far as time is concerned.  However it is easy to see that a stalker has hacked this web page and deleted a lot of material which I will … Continue reading