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image When I finally graduated from college, because I had been required to read so much, I didn’t want to touch a book for about two years. However, television has never satisfied me, so eventually I gave in to the hunger for words. It’s hopeless. I am forever glued to the power of words. Here are some good books to read, a synopsis of books in my library


Jewel Krayan: Electronic Rape, Electronic Torture. Jewel is a pseudonym for the author who has been hounded and harassed for about 17 years by gang stalkers. Her story is unique in that she works side by side with her stalkers on a daily basis. She is a postal employee living in Colorado. Her stalkers are fellow postal employees and they basically have taken control of the working environment and have manipulated management and lower staff alike into playing the game. Her stalkers have regularly invaded her home, assaulted her with v2k, given her migraine headaches, bathed her in electromagnetic energy which has caused her tremendous suffering. They have also continuously raped her. Jewel Krayan is also a believer in Jesus Christ. Like many TIs she has ceased to attend a local congregation because stalkers also invaded the church and she therefore did not find support among her fellow believers.


Margaret Mwangi; Lying Churches, My Experience This book was written by a gang stalking victim from Nairobi who is also a believer in Jesus Christ. She unfortunately found out that people who attended her church were not the people they literally pretend to be. The problem began when a fellow believer impregnated another believer in the same church out of wedlock. The gentleman was someone that Margaret associated with only briefly at church. The impregnated woman was an employee and television personality of a local Christian broadcasting network. The gentleman, whom she calls Jonathan, was apparently not interested in marrying the woman he had impregnated. Embarrassing situation. Margaret got blamed for the fact that Jonathan did not want to marry the other woman. Word got around that Jonathan wanted to marry Margaret and it was assumed that they had some kind of a relationship. They did not. However suddenly Margaret was getting the cold shoulder from formerly friendly people in her church. This snow balled into the typical gang stalking scenario which overflowed into her work place with false accusations being leveled at her. It also encompassed members of her family her were also persuaded to play the game. There is something truly sick going on there. Although Margaret doesn’t mention it in her book, her story has all the earmarks of an Illuminati Church infiltration situation. The cover of her book is literally flames of fire. It is certainly more fuel for the fire of this conspiracy. A quote from Margaret’s book, “By observing events in the world, I know that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. When people get away with injustice, they continue with the same behavior and no one knows who they will target next…. groups of people tend to be more immoral than individuals.”


Daniel Estulin: he True Story of the Bilderberger Group Daniel Estulin is an investigative journalist originally from Latvia of the former Soviet Union. Daniel and his family were exiled from their native country because Daniel’s father, a former employee of the KGB, was advocating for the right of free speech for the people of Latvia. Daniel grew up in Canada which became his home. He became a journalist because he wanted influence. Freedom and liberty are not to be taken for granted for Mr. Estulin. Therefore, when he learned from an undisclosed source that the Bilderberger group was planning to combine the United States and Canada dissolving the sovereignty of both nations and abolishing the Constitution without the knowledge or permission of the inhabitants of those nations, he put his journalistic wheels into gear and exposed their plans to the Canadian public. His book exposes this secret society and their rich, powerful and politically connected members. He details their goals and ambitions and the danger they currently present to every free republic on the planet.


A. K. Forwood: Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control; The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks This book is pretty straight forward about gang stalking. He is pretty knowledgeable about the subject. He takes a position that Law Enforcement is intricately involved in setting people up and establishing contracts with gangs. I am bothered by the fact that he does not provide any references. There is no way to verify any of the statements that he makes. It is a short book and pretty easy reading. I would like a bibliography though.


John Stockwell: The Praetorian Guard;The US Role in the New World Order John Stockwell was raised in a Christian home. His parents were missionaries. He became a Marine and retired from the Marine Corps and went to work as a Case Officer for the CIA. Like most soldiers he realized that what he was often being asked to do did not make sense to him. His loyalty and respect for authority propelled him to obey while he kept trying to convince himself that there was a good reason for all that he was asked to do. However his upbringing taught him to love the natives in the countries where he was sent to serve, and the cruelty and callousness of the CIA was more than he could justify. Eventually the senseless loss of precious lives led him to resign. He continues to speak out against the abuses of power in the US intelligence community. image Naomi Klein; The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Naomi Klein took her journalistic passion around the world and examined closely world events in relationship to the Chicago School of Economics developed by Milton Friedman. The basic premise of the Shock Doctrine is that you make changes in crisis periods when those experiencing the crisis are in a state of shock and are worried about surviving, not resisting. Shocking people and shocking nations destroys the foundations of the house so you can start all over and rebuild it. Friedman economics is characterised by privatizing public services, deep cuts in social spending and government deregulation. This is typically followed by a diminished quality of life of the general populace resulting in the increase in civil unrest, the unemployment rate, and the number of suicides. This therefore requires a government to to take drastic measures to bully the people into submission. Thus people are murdered in the streets, jailed on the whim of the police or military and “disappeared” in order to stifle civil resistance. Naomi Klein takes you on a tour of various parts of the world where the tactics of the Chicago School of Economics are played out and shows you the disaster that results. Iraq is one such place where the Chicago School Shock Doctrine was demonstrated to be a dismal failure and exposed as the tool in the hands of greedy globalists who have demonstrated absolute disregard human rights. Elements of the Chicago School of Economics are taking root in the US and Naomi’s work is a sound warning to American Citizens. image Naomi Wolf: The End of America; A letter of warning to a young patriot. This is one of the first books I read when I began researching If the West Falls. It’s very short but very insightful. Naomi Wolf researched the steps that occur when a democracy is shifting to fascism and showed how those steps are happening in America today. She compares the shift patterns in Italy, China and Germany to what is happening here. She states “Democracy is not an evergreen tree” and warns Americans of the need for decisive action. image Alexander Hislop: The Two Babylons This book is for the dedicated reader and for those who hunger to understand. Alexander Hislop, a Reverend now deceased, is an an incredibly intelligent person with a gift for sorting through the pieces of a mysterious puzzle to gain a clearer picture. His conclusions are astonishing. He did something so logical that it boggles the mind that so few have taken such a path. He looked at the ancient myths of multiple cultures including the Greeks and Romans and concluded that they weren’t myths at all, but the distortions is actual events that actually took place before mankind learned how to write. Therefore the events were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth until centuries later they took on the characteristics of fables. However he determined that the themes from culture to culture were all the same with the characters carrying different names but representing the same people over and over again. He traces these stories to ancient civilizations before and after the flood and famous characters such as the Biblical Noah and the Babylonian King Nimrod. He examined historical records in light of scriptural texts. He looks at the Roman Catholic Church and the system of pagan worship of Rome and ancient Babylon and reveals that Papal Catholicism has cleverly disguised pagan worship practices behind Christian doctrines that goes all the way back to Nimrod and is wife Semiramis who rebelled against the true God of Heaven and lead the people into apostacy and licentious living. You have to be dedicated to read this book and get through it. It is not easy reading but the truth contained in the pages will reward your diligence. image David C. Pack: America and Britain in Prophecy There is a distinction in the promise God gave Abraham between the promise of prosperity, the birthright, and the scepter, or rulership. The Nation of Israel was split after the death of Solomon. Israel took the birthright but Judah took the scepter. God’s promise of an unbroken dynasty of the ruling house of David had to be fulfilled even in exile. How does that happen? David Pack takes you on an adventure through history to show you how God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David were actually fulfilled with some surprising conclusions, such as pertain to the Jewish roots of the British throne and the migration of the ten lost tribes. Exhilarating reading.“> image Brennan Manning : The Signature of Jesus There are people in this world who want to crucify your faith in God. With every action there is a reaction. When you are hanging on to your faith in God the inevitable question arises, “Am I good enough for God?”. The answer to that question is found in the crucified son of God. A refreshing journey by a former alcoholic/Franciscan Monk into the heart of the Christian faith. The book will bless you. image Dr. John Hall: A New Breed; Satellite Terrorism in America Dr. John Hall, a medical doctor, and his fiance became targets of a professional associate and several other individuals in a group. The perpetrator physician and another physician and their wives along with a Methodist minister were involved in gang raping his fiance. They used a common rape drug that was in her refrigerated beverages and mind control technology beamed from an overhead satellite. When Dr. Hall tried to intervene no one would listen to him because his fiance had no memory of the attacks though Dr. Hall had them on tape. Then Dr. Hall was attacked as well with chemical agents and satellite rape. His career was also attacked as he continued to make protests and the peer review board was apparently a part of the cover up of the crime. Bone chilling and absolutely not fiction. image The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion; VĂ­ctor E Marsdon, Translator The Protocols are ancient and alleged to be the plot by the Jews to dominate and control the entire World and alleged by others to be a fake and a forgery. Anyone who has any knowledge of the conspiracy now infecting our entire World will find in them something familiar. In my book If the West Falls… I took the position that they were a forgery blamed on the Jews for political purposes. My current position is the there are powerful and wealthy Jews at the core of this conspiracy, but they are not the only players and the Jewish race as a whole cannot be blamed for their crimes. We are all sinners in need of a savior. And the Savior of the World came to us as a Jew. I love the Jews, but they are not heroes nor devils more than anyone else. The Protocols are actually free and can be downloaded from the web in PDF format. Victor Marsden translated them from the original Russian at great risk of his own life. There are other translators. If you want the book in hard copy it is available at There is a very interesting historical introduction at the beginning of Marsden’s translation.

image Kenneth Stevens: Image of the Risen Christ; An investigation of the claims about the Shroud of Turin This book is one of my all time favorites. The Shroud of Turin has an interesting history which the author explores. Them he and a group of scientists, with all the modern tools of forensics available to them, took a close look at the burial cloth with the image of a man imprinted on the cloth. Was this cloth really the burial cloth of Jesus Christ as the Catholic church has claimed? As scientists they worked at avoiding the religious implications of their findings. What they could not way was that the man who was buried in that cloth was Jesus Christ. What they could say was that the man buried in that cloth suffered and died just as Christ suffered and died according to the scriptures. They also concluded that the man buried in that cloth was raised from the dead. beautiful work by the Shroud of Turin Research Team. image Mark M. Rich: The Hidden Evil; The financial elite’s covert war against the civilian population This was one of the very first documents I read when I first went looking for answers to the mysterious events occurring around my home and in my life. I was absolutely baffled. Mark Rich’s book cleared up the mystery and practically saved my life. He cleared away the fog surrounding gang stalking, an organized crime imbedded in the corrupted power structure in this country and around the world that is affecting more than 3,000,000 Americans. Mark’s book sent me on a trail that resulted in the publication of my own book, If the West Falls… image Linda Blood: The New Satanist Linda Blood read a book written by Lt. Col. Michael Aqino and liked it. Next she wrote the author a letter. He responded. She went to his Temple of Set, another name for Satan, and got involved with the cult and with the man. Her marriage subsequently fell apart and her life was a mess. She came out of the occult a survivor and now is working to expose the dangers of Satanism. She looks at multiple cases of ritual abuse around the country centered in day care centers especially the US military and the apathy of the court when it comes to persecuting the abusers. Eye opening.


Alfred W. McCoy: A Question of Torture; CIA Interrogation from the Cold War to the War on Terror

The United States has laws against torture. We signed the Geneva Convention which also prohibits torture and inhumane treatment. The United States Intelligence community also spent billions of dollars perfecting the art of using torture to break the human personality. Alfred McCoy tells the story about the reality of torture and the US Government’s use of torture for years. He spells it out where Iraq is concerned

image Phillipe Sands:Torture Team; Rumsfeld’s Memo and the Betrayal of American Values

Phillips Sands is an Investigative Journalist and an attorney. He took his skill with him as he investigated the debacle of Iraq and the scandal surrounding Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. He traced the origins of shameful behavior not to the breakdown of military discipline, but to the White House and the Bush Administration and a string of demands for intelligence that bypassed the law and human reason. Frightening.


Michael Ratner, Ellen Ray,: Guantanamo; What Everyone Should Know

Michael Ratner, head of the Center Constitutional Rights, Ellen Ray and discuss the Guantanamo Bay detention center. This facility was loaned to the United States Government by the Cuban Government for purposes other than detention. Because it was under the jurisdiction of the US Government, the Cuban Government agreed that it would be immune from Cuban Law. Because it was located in Cuba, it was not subject to US Law. It was a law free zone. And what better place to hold “suspected” terrorists then in a place where no one can protect them from abuse and torture. Even children were held there and abused. Michael Ratner and his team went into the darkness of Guantanamo and challenged the US Court to uphold the Geneva Convention on behalf of the prisoners there. It should challenge all Americans to demand accountability on the part of the US Government.</p

Brian Glick: The War At Home: Covert Action Against American Citizens and What We Can Do About It.

This simple bur powerful little book details the covert assault by the FBI and the US Intelligence Community against American Citizens who were doing nothing more than using their right to free speech. There were various groups and Individuals who were targeted by the US Government including Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the American Indian Movement (AIM)’ the Democratic National Convention, etc. The covert assault against these groups included infiltration, communications monitoring and disruption, incarceration on false charges and slander intended to discredit the target and minimize their effectiveness. The tactics resulted in the loss of life, destruction of marriages and the loss of community support for those targeted. Glick notes that the Ku Klux Klan was on the FBI payroll and there were FBI agents who were also members of the KKK.

Alex Constantine: Psychic Dictatorship USA

Alex Constantine explores the involvement of the United States Government Intelligence Community in Mind Control Research including SRA and the sexual exploitation of children sanctioned by or perpetrated by US governing officials.



Marshal G. Thomas: Monarch; The New Phoenix Program

The words “mind control” make us think of some sci- fi thriller. Modern day researcher and writer Marshal Thomas reveals the reality of the mind control agenda of the United States Government being carried out by the CIA for more than 50 years. The Manchurian candidate is not just the figment of someone’s imagination. It is the fruit of someone’s horrific imagination carried out by a secret elite force with an agenda that is bone chilling. Mind control can be subtle or it can be blatant. However it is carried out the mind they want to control is yours even if you don’t know it is happening. Minds that are active and informed are not as easy to manipulate. Educate yourself. Read.


Gary Allen: None Dare Call it Conspiracy

This short little book with a 1976 copyright is power packed. The title alludes to the fact that there is a conspiracy being carried out and those doing so conceal their conspiracy by laughing at and discrediting those trying to expose it. The conspiracy leads to enslavement for all mankind and Allen lists 14 sign posts to slavery all or most of which are occurring in America today. A must read for any and every American Citizen.



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