Kenneth Stevens: Image of the Risen Christ; Remarkable New Evidence About the Shroud.


This book is one of my all time favorites. The Shroud of Turín has an interesting history which the author explores. Then he and a group of scientists, with all the modern tools of forensics available to them, took a close look at the burial cloth with the image of a man imprinted on the cloth. Was this cloth really the burial cloth of Jesus Christ as the Catholic Church has claimed? As scientists they worked at avoiding the religious implications of their findings. What they could not say was that the man who was burried in that cloth was Jesus Christ. What they could say was that the man burried in that cloth suffered and died just as Christ suffered and died according to the scriptures. They also concluded that the Man burried in that cloth was raised from the dead. Beautilful work by the Shroud of Turín Research Team.