If the West Falls …



The research for this book began when I went looking for answers to mysterious events that were occurring in my life.  I went to the library computer and typed in the words “psychological harassment” .  This lead me to Organized vigilante Stalking (OVS).  I followed the trail and learned about  the global conspiracy that is threatening the lives of every human being on this planet.  My own shock and dismay propelled me as I read about mind control, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and the plans of the rich and powerful to enslave the entire planet. 

While researching this book, I was under heavy assault by stalkers with DEW. I was repeatedly sexually assaulted and hammered with microwaves. And even though I never went online with my computer, they hacked into it. They were constantly inhibiting my work, and they continuously put errors in the manuscript. I proofread my manuscript multiple times making corrections each time, and more errors appeared. I finally submitted my manuscript to Westbow Press and paid them $2400.00 to make more corrections. There were several rounds of corrections and errors continued to appear. I finally made the decision to publish anyway because the stalkers were determined to stop the publication of the book and/or drain my bank account. The book is still readable and the information reliable to the best of my knowledge. All told I spent $5000.00 publishing this book.

In the process of reading and writing, the Holy Spirit was revealing to me the tender love of God, his profound wisdom in granting us a free will and his plan, through his Son Jesus Christ, to save us from a profoundly evil enemy. The things occurring today surrounding this conspiracy are foretold in the scripture. What is also foretold is the destruction of the New World Order and the establishment of God’s eternal Kingdom ruled by his son, Yashua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which will never end.

I need to make a note here about my version of the bankruptcy of the United States declared sometime between 1929 and 1930. I was alerted to the Bankruptcy by David Ickes in his Book Tales From the Time Loop. I was shocked, so of course I went searching for verification of the bankruptcy. I did find that information verified, but I was confused. O went looking for the original congressional record of the bankruptcy and the volume of records containing that information has been reportedly missing from the shelves where the congressional records are stored. However, the information was brought to light by Congressman Jim Trafficant on March 17, 1993 in Congress. My apologies to Mr. Trafficant, a former Youngstown Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy, who did in fact expose the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was declared in March of 1933, or in June of that year as far as I can tell. In my book I did not credit Mr. Trafficant for his work because Of the dates. The available documentation was confusing, but Mr Trafficant did in fact expose the bankruptcy and suffered for it. He deserves credit for his work.

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