Jewel’s Journal

Jewels art

The painting above was done by Jewel Krayan. She is a beautiful artist but she does not paint anymore due to brain damage inflicted on her by stalkers using Directed Energy Weapons. She cannot remember anymore how to paint.

Jewel Krayan is the author of Electronic Rape, Electronic Torture which is posted in my Library. I decided to open up a journal page for her here. The torture and abuse she has experienced needs to be exposed. She is a career postal employee and among multiple postal employees who have been targeted. Her work environment is the most abusive work environment I have ever known, as she is forced to work with those who are targeting her. She recently decided that she wanted to retire but was told she had to work five more years before that could happen. Since then her abusers have doubled their efforts to destroy her life.

August 25th 2013

Things I want to tell you about slow kill torture. It is damned if you do, damned if you don’t with coworkers. If I let them use my house, they are going to have me busted for their drugs. While I am in prison, Val will enjoy living in the house. When I get out of prison, I will be killed and they will say it is suicide. If I don’t let them use the house, I am conceited and they will harass me. If I am friends with Norman, he is going to make my life living hell. If I am not friends with Norman, he is going to make my life living hell. The gang stalkers, Debbie K, Val, Gary and Norman walk around saying “what’s the worse thing we did”. Debbie and Gary both walk around saying “I am supposed to be in charge of the station” or something about how they are the leader. Gina, Debbie s and K, Val, Lou, Norman and Gary have all said the only way to make it stop is to kill myself, although Norman used to say blood. Someone has to die, it is the only way to end the game. All of the people listed above believe they will become rich from my death. Bear Valley is the armpit of the devil.

July 11, 2013

If is was not for drugs, there would be almost no crime, little unemployment, little abuse of kids, etc. Drugs cause most of the problems in the world. I have worked at the same place for almost thirty years, and have witnessed the long term effects of drugs on my coworkers. People who were once bright, funny and full of promise are now bitter, angry at the world, criminally inclined, and desperate to find others to blame for who they are. They demand someone take care for them. They demand someone make them feel better about themselves. They are mean, dummied down versions of their former selves. They became the gang stalkers, the perverts, the roofie rapist, the child molesters, etc. There was a time when there were no laws against drugs in this country. There are laws now, and for like a hundred years, because people realized back then that drugs pervert people, sicken people morally. Drugs are like the devil’s best weapon. June 27th, 2013 Missed worked today. It has repeatedly been stated that they destroyed my family too, meaning mental privacy, I think. I feel sheer terror of the soul mates game. Yet this morning I think t the terror was projected emotion. I am praying for someone I work with to help me expose this torture and rape technology. so bizarre. I went to the gas station and after I left, I heard the voice of the clerk say, “all these bullies want to hang out with you”, like she had said it while I was there. On the way home, I was threatened with more soul mates. The people attacking me want to harm me, have done great harm to me, are abusive and do not want to hang out with me. The one’s I know wanted to use me or manipulate me.

There have been a couple of bizarre accidents at post offices recently. One, a carrier was rear ended and hit a tree. the other, a carrier walked behind a backing truck and was killed.

Postal workers and postal trucks are recognized anywhere. We can go anywhere. We have special keys for opening collection boxes, NBCU’s, etc. We have access to a lot of things most people don’t. At your post office, like mine, every employee has access to every piece of mail. It would be a great place to create the “psychic soldiers” Duncan speaks of in his book. The perp’s I hate the most I think were once targets. Deb S. lost 3 sets of the special keys I was told by a manager. Did she give them away in exchange for something? Did she lose time? Were they stolen? When she got busted with 18 feet of mail in her house, why were the government and payroll checks still there? Was she too battered to perform her duties and not stealing but hiding something else? Was she afraid of something? She had a future in the union, but she stole from them. What happened here? She was a nice person, and then it seemed she became angry. I remember her saying my family was nice people, let’s destroy them.

June 26th, 2013

They are desperately trying to program me into believing I am too proud because I do not seek to be with Norman. My head feels horrible, and I feel sick. Recording “I want to be friends with Jan” played. Also, people said today not to repeat what you hear. Norman has been hoping for a kill for 17 years, so I know he is not, and never was interested in friendship. My coworkers are stuck with this game too, I do not think anyone likes it. They also use the technology to try to convince me that they are taking possession of my body and mind. They are trying to make me do something I would never be able to live with, like harm my kitten. I won’t, so I will be suffering. Because I lack mental privacy, they know what I am doing and project thoughts, disturbing ones, to upset me.

June 9th, 2013

A few days ago, I wrote about a coworker who had a colon accident at work, and the harassment that followed. At the time, I thought it was the technology that caused it. I told a mutual friend of that woman that it was the technology. I was right. Today, Norman’s voice projected in my home announced the accident I would have not a minute later. This type of accident can be predicted by a period of intense growling in very bottom of intestinal track. (About a month). I think it might involve some nano device given in food or drink. Between Norman’s announcement and the accident, the “Paul” voice told Norman, “great society says you can’t do that a work no more”. There is something really creepy with the gangs stalkers fascination with bodily functions, boogers, et. I know the day is coming where they are so obsessed with their own bodily functions they will think of nothing else. (Bridget’s note: Directed Energy Weapons are used to manipulate bodily functions. See Mark Rich’s book The Hidden Evil. Originally these devices were designed for combat situations as a “non-lethal” method of incapacitating an enemy. However these weapons are now in the hands of gang stalkers who are simply being very malicious in their assault against innocent civilians. I have had multiple similar experiences as those discussed above. Those who perpetrate on their victims in this way are truly hateful people. Gang stalking is a hate crime.)

June 4, 2013

Woke me up again. Something about killing me and having it reported as a suicide. I occurs to me that everyone died when this technology was introduced, and we are all replaying the recordings. Nothing has ever been accomplished. Nothing ever will be accomplished. The gang stalkers are bitter and hateful. No one likes, trusts, or respects them anymore. I am to tired to care. I will never trust them again. I will never fulfill their delusions. It is about doing sadistic, evil things for the sake of sadistic evil things.

June 1, 2016

As you know, I have been dealing with a jaw sprang this week. If you know what TMJ is, you know I am in pain and I am really getting hungry. I came home from work and I took a pain killer and a couple of aspirin. I laid down and tried to position my head in a manner that was less painful. I fell asleep. Norman used the technology to give me dreams of eating one of those tasty sausage/egg mcmuffings. So I am back in pain. Norman also threatened my kitty, and said it would take Great Society a couple of days to lock on to her brain. Pray for justice, now.

May 31, 2013

Made it through work, went to acupuncture treatment. Feel much better, but tired. While at acupuncturist, I heard distant voice, something about Debbie S and doll, meth addicts. Several times during the last seventeen years, they have tried to convince me they were using a doll or etheric double to torture me. After acupuncture, I felt about 6 inches taller. I could see better. And one thing was suddenly crystal clear. The whole 17 years was about murder. I was only expected to last a couple weeks. Everyone was involved. There were two possible choices, they thought. My death or my living as a humiliated slave. It was about murder, and everything else was a lie or a con. There was never any game, there were never any hurt feelings, I never did anything to anyone. It was about murder.

May 30, 2013

They woke me up at 1 am, attacking my jaw again. Very bad. They said something about “until she gives in”. Great society is a cult that is basically a club for rapist, child molesters and drug dealers. Sadistic perverts everyone of them. I know giving in would just lead to more demands, more pain, so I will never give in. The Perverts, especially Norman, seem to be unable to understand why I do not behave like a deranged three year old. This is his level of functioning in the world. I am a middle aged Christian woman. That is my level of functioning. Hopefully, my condition will not get any worse. I really think all of this is on one computer. The pain, the recordings, the attacks, my coworkers ideas and beliefs, all programmed from one computer. I serve The Lord, not perverted, cowardly, ignorant, parasitic criminals. I know I will die anyway, so I will never give in. Plus, during the severe torture, 186 hours no sleep, just sheer pain and agony, I did give in and it did not change anything. They have already shown me the results are the same either way. It is sadism for the sake of sadism.

May 28′ 2013

Woke me up at 4 am, heard beam as it pierced or stopped piercing ceiling, makes a cracklings sound. Was supposed to see an acupuncturists today, have to cancel now because she did not want to do procedure until pain better. Norman’s voice projected into house for all this pain, whining about me giving in. I believe it is a recording. No one would be up at this time of night. The voice with him sounds like Paul, but I think it might be a handler. I am going to attempt to draw a portrait two . . . I believe are handlers, above the great society perverts. They woke me up at 4:30 am. They seem very angry. They said something about making me lose all my teeth, and something about releasing Debbie Instead. This is something that has been going on since the major torture of 2007. During the major torture, I was supposed to be released, or I would hear what sounded like family members paying thousands of dollars to have me released, and then ” great society” would release someone else instead. I was thinking about how people could become like them,mush human, sadistic and perverted, last night before I went to bed. I must have hit a cord. Massive headache now. Still going to try to get to work. The dearth threat does not bother me, I know once I am dead, they have nothing

May 28th, 2013

Stayed home today. Got up in pain, took one of those pain killers, fell back asleep. Got up a second time, feel good.

May 12, 2013

The thing about psycho soldiers is that they are totally one sided, oblivious to the law, completely lack the qualities that would make them human, like compassion and empathy. They get off breaking the law and violating human rights. Constant themes: Force me into a relationship with Norman, force me to share my home with them, force me to respect them, force me to be subservient to them, force me to believe I am inferior, mentally ill, force me go call torture, abuse and other criminal behavior that harms me, as fun. Constant threats: To kill me, to torture me, to destroy my life, to take my property, to have me arrested, to have me committed, plus threats against my family, pets. Demands: Be like them, accept abuse as normal, give them my home, give them my money, give them use of my home, have a relationship with Norman, solos certain people to love with me, Lake everyone in the station feel happy and respected, take care of everyone, do something violent, act like a three year old. Neuro weaponry terrorism used: attacked while asleep, with mine suggested to repeat songs upon awakening. Wake up in terror of which attack or game[ they will use today], feeling like rubber bands choking heart. Frequencies that create high anxiety or slowness of thought and body. Feeling violated. Feel threatened. Vibrations. Forced sleep. Swallowing air. Not feeling safe.

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