Journal of Gang Stalking Incidents

It has been a long time since I have worked on this blog. Sorry folks. My 83 year old mother moved in with me three years ago and I have been trying to take care of her and work a full time job and manage being targeted at the same time.
New book coming out- watch fot it- called Silent Holocaust: The global, covert control and assassination of peivate citizens. About 180 pages.
Still being electeonically raped constantly, migraine headaches and muscle cramps.
Hang in there everyone. Jesus is coming back soon. This won’t last forever. Trust in him alone. He gave his life to save you forever.

Police Reporting (or not reporting) Gang Stalking Activity: Aiding in Covering up a Crime Against Law Abiding Citizens.

Recently I made a visit to City Council, one of many, where I once again pounded on them about gang stalkers and Directed Energy Weapons unleashing filth and violence on law abiding citizens. Mr. Ginther, the president of City Council, directed me to contact Mr. Giangirdela about the matter. Problem was he told me to do that once before and Mr. Giangirdela absolutely stonewalled me and he was not nice about it. But I half expected that because our public officials and law enforcement are conspiring to cover this crime. The strategy usually includes denying any evidence, accusing the victims of being mentally ill etc. Ergo I have been back to City Council in Columbus Ohio now once a month for about a year. This last time Mr Ginther directed me to submit any police reports I had to Mr. Giangirdela. Oh lovely.

I have called the police on a number of occasions because my car has been vandalized, my apartment has been broken into twice, personal property has been outright stolen or deliberately destroyed and I have been repeatedly raped with DEW in addition to being given migraine headaches regularly, toothaches, diarrhea and muscle cramps on a regular basis.

So I went looking for the police reports for the incidents that I had reported. There were two that I was particularly interested in neither if which were posted on the City of Columbus Police Department website. One of them involved the fire alarms being remotely set off by DEW at night while I was trying to sleep. There was no fire. Stalkers with DEW absolutely have the capacity to set them off remotely. I therefore had gotten up and removed the batteries so that I could sleep. Then a few days later, we were in the hottest part of the summer in July, I found a cigarette that had been dropped in dry grass just outside my apartment. The ash on the cigarette was nearly two inches long and it was still attached to the cigarette. That cigarette had not been smoked. It was lit and then dropped in the grass and left to burn. I took a picture of it with my cell phone and later with my camera.

My mother was visiting with me and I did not call the police right away because I didn’t want to upset her. I waited until she went home. Then I called the police. The police officer gave me one of those little cards that had the report number on it. When I went to the police department to get a copy of the police report all it said was that I was upset because someone was standing outside my apartment smoking.


<a href=””&gt;image

These are the pictures I took of the cigarette with my cell phone.

The other police report was missing. Even though I called earlier and asked if those two police reports were available, and I was told they were, when I went to retrieve them one of them was missing.That report pertained to the constant sexual assault with DEW. I have burns on my legs from being constantly raped with DEW and I took pictures which I gave to the responding police officer.


<a href=””&gt;image

I contend that the police do know what gang stalkers are really doing, but they are being forced to play the propaganda game and play dumb. That includes not writing proper police reports when victims report gang stalking abuse. They are participating in the cover up.

I think it is necessary for gang stalking victims to absolutely pound on law enforcement when it comes to reporting the abuse of these satanic stalkers. Though, Jewel Krayan, author of Electronic Rape, Electronic Torture, reported that the police hauled her off to the psych ward when she complained. They tried to make her take medications that she knew she did not need. She did not take them and she played along until she was released because the doctors in the hospital were all playing the game. Dr. John Hall, a physician, also reported sexual assault in his book, A New Breed. He was dragged before the Medical Board and th threatened with the los of his career by other physicians on the board who were also obviously playing the game.

I have drafted a letter to Ms. Michelle Mills, Director of the Office of Public Safety, with the police reports and pictures. We will see what happens. strong>April 20th 2013

April 20, 2013

It has happened again. I left my apartment again this morning at around 08:30 to go volunteer at the women’s clinic and returned home at 12:38 pm. When I arrived home I discovered that I had had visitors. Stalkers no doubt. They threw a lot of stuff around but to my knowledge did not take anything. That would be a typical gang stalker hit. The perpetrators were not after anything of value. I did discover a yellow coverlet from my bed was taken. It might be worth $10 at a garage sale. I also had jewelry hanging on a rack bt my dresser mirror. That was also taken. Nothing of significant value there either. They intended mostly to intimidate. My television, VCR and DVD player were left intact. My two all in one printers were still here. My stereo downstairs was left intact. I am an artist and I have numerous paintings I have completed around my home. None of those were taken. They just decided to throw things around. They broke the kitchen window to make it look like a break in, but they may used a key or lock pick to gain entrance. The police officer said it would have been hard for the perpetrator to climb through the broken window without getting cut with broken glass. I probably could have claimed through that hole. The last time this happened though, the lower window was raised a little on one side. No one could have claimed through that window the way it was. I sincerely doubt that a robber would have broken the window, raised it up to climb through and then tried to close it again. There was no way to reach the door lock from that window either. Ergo, I was certain the robber had a key. Gang stalkers usually find a way to get keys to their targets’ residences. My keys disappeared from my purse once when I was at work and mysteriously reappeared on my car seat inside my locked car. Stuff like that happens all the time when you’re a target.

This is the third break in in the five years that I have lived here.


<a href=””&gt;image


I discovered that evening that the perpetrators had indeed confiscated something. They took the yellow coverlet off my bed. It may have cost me between $20 to $30 when I purchased it at Old Time Pottery several years ago and it had a Koolaid stain on it. They also took some junk jewelry that I had hanging on my wall. I don’t buy expensive jewelry and the whole batch might have gotten them $30 at a garage sale. They left behind a couple pieces.


“These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot.”

From the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

April 25th, 2013

I continue to be raped on a daily basis. Sexual assault continues sometimes non stop during the day an even when I go to bed at night. I went to City council on Monday. Miss Mills looked rather surprise when I told her that I sent her a certified letter and received back the little green card that said she received it. I suspect she did not and I would not be surprised. The US mail system is highly corrupted which may explain why so many postal employees are being targeted. However someone in the city council building may have also signed on her behalf. I sent the letter a month ago.

Here are some updated pictures on the burns on my legs. They are turning purple.



I am on the third day of an electronically induced migraine. I have had a history of migraine headaches but before this electromagnetic assault began I had stopped having them. My mother also used to get migraines and she also ceased having them at about my age. If I got one it was easy to get rid of. But these stalkers enjoy causing me pain. So they give me migraines about once a week and there is one stalker I think who is the most vicious bully on the planet. He is really sick. He simply enjoys watching me suffer. If my headache starts to go away he fires it up again with his weapon.

Electro magnetic weapons can be used to manipulate your entire central nervous system. This bully likes to manipulate my olfactory senses. I don’t know exactly how he does it but it smells like he is sticking his rear end in my face. He also causes there to be a stench in my nostrils which is a different smell. Somehow the inside of my nose is stimulated so that the inside of my nose smells the inside of my nose. I don’t know how to make sense of that.

They are always trying to find ways of making me spend money on things I don’t want to spend money on. They break things. When I had my house , suddenly the overhead fan in the bathroom stopped working and the lights would not come on. The circuit breaker was still on and turning the lever on and off did not help. An electrician who came to my house found a needle stuck in the fan motor. Problem was, how did it get there? I have an upstairs room but the bathroom sits under an inaccessible part of my attic. A needle didn’t just fall up into the fan or down. Somebody put it there. Recently a window fan I had stopped working. When I turned it on the motor was humming like it wanted to work but it was stuck. Probably another needle. So I just turned on the AC so I could sleep at night. Then the AC fan malfunctioned and ran continuously even when there was no reason for it to run. Had to call maintenance to fix that. The toilet kept running in my bathroom. I realized something was wrong so I looked inside and found the chain had been unhooked. My water bill ended up being about a $80. It was normally about $12.

I bought a rice cooker because I eat a lot of rice. I liked it. Just a few months after I bought it, it stopped working. I have noticed that stalkers like to steal or destroy things they know I particularly like. My mother got me a food processor, brand new. It broke in just a few months. I have a pendulum clock in my kitchen. I have paid more than that clock is worth fixing it. They always break it again after only a few days. The last time I found the second-hand on the floor about five feet away from my clock under the refrigerator door. I bought a brand new set of dishes. The Corel ware I had, I had for about 20 years so I decided getting something I really liked would be okay. A plate out of the new set just came up missing.

I had a vacuum cleaner that really worked well. They broke a little hook that held the handle in place so the handle came off. Then they took it apart and put it back together so the floor to hose adjustment didn’t work. It was only about three years old. I had to buy a new vaccine cleaner.

I have a Toyota Corolla that I am constantly repairing. It has fewer miles on it than a previous one that was totaled in an accident that was not my fault. The other one never had any problems. I have had to replace the battery twice on my current vehicle, get new breaks and calipers several times, fix the heater fan twice, replace the starter, new muffler twice, new breaklines twice. It has 250,000 miles on it but it’s a Toyota.

I get a general sense about the attitude of these stalkers by the way they behave. I read John Hall’s book, A New Breed. He is a targeted individual and also a physician. He noted in his book that when stalkers use electromagnetic weapons so they can read your mind and hear everything you say, it somehow opens up a channel so that the reverse is also true. You can hear what they are saying and know what they are thinking. One of my stalkers is just a typical bully. He’s really sick. He is likely a lifetime cult member and has no conscience. When people grow up in cult families they are conditioned not to love. They are not loved and form no emotional attachments. There are no safe people in their world. That eliminates their conscience. This bully is one of those. When you do not love and have no affection toward anyone you feel dead inside. That is an intolerable state. So in order to feel something they use drugs, sex etc. They drink adrenalin laced blood from human sacrifices. They also get a thrill from causing people pain.

One or two of my stalkers are men who have a very negative perception of women. They have the attitude that women are supposed to be subservient to men and their purpose in life is to satisfy the wishes of some man. Single women, (and a large number of targets are single career women living alone) are like wild horses that need to be broken so they can be used, and I mean used.

The rest of my stalkers are under achievers who are at a disadvantage socially and economically. They are bitter and resentful because their lives did not turn out well. They are people who have a hard time with the fact that some people have more than others. They don’t think that a single woman should have a job if a man who has a family to raise does not have a job. They are very concerned about fairness. One of my stalkers is constantly complaining about inequality economically speaking. Like Dr. Hall says, I can “hear” him and I know his thoughts. He also does not like the idea of a single woman owning a home. In his mind, “It’s just not natural.”

I have nothing against any of them. That are annoying, for sure. But I am a blessed woman. God has poured out grace upon grace in my life. If for even a moment they could get a glimpse of God’s love for them and realize that he would enjoy pouring out his blessing into their very broken hearts their frustrations would vanish. They live in a blighted world. They need some sunshine and warmth. There are days that I want to just blast them out of the sky. I have prayed that God would help me to love them. It works. I keep praying that God will send pastors and lay leaders into their darkness to lead them out. They need rescued.

May 18, 2013

We have this nebulous right to privacy in America. It’s a figment of our collective imaginations – unless we are willing to fight to get it back. The right to privacy was used to make it okay for a pregnant woman to terminate the life of her child in her womb. However, we no longer have the right to expect even our thoughts to remain private. Remote neural monitoring from satellites exposes our most intimate thoughts on a computer screen to someone who gets paid to mine them for intelligence data. The United States Post offices around the country have become mind control labs for the CIA and multiple postal employees around the country are being mobbed at work, hounded ans harassed by gang stalkers. Why the Post Office you might ask. Because they want to read your mail, steal the gift certificate you sent your sister for Christmas, destroy the gift you sent to your mother and intercept the letter you got from an old friend who desperately needs to communicate with you. However, if there are too many principled people working at the post office they might get caught. Ergo, they target and harass the people with a conscience so that they can control them and avoid being caught breaking the law.

Really? Come on, it’s not that bad is it? Wake up Toto. We’re not in America anymore. The United States Shadow Government hasn’t told anybody yet and they are doing their best to cover it up so you don’t notice but the New World Order declared itself on Thanksgiving Day in 2011. This country has existed in a state of emergency for umtinine years which means the Constitution has been suspended all that time. They just didn’t want you to notice. You might do something outrageous like object or something. So there goes your right to privacy. Your mail is not safe with the United States Post Office. You might want to think about creating a private courier service.

But that letter you are tapping out on your computer isn’t private either. One of the first things Bill Clinton did upon becoming President was write into law legislation that required all the makers of electronics, your phone, Computer, iPad, camera etc. to put a back door in it so that the government could easily hack into your device and read all your documents. That of course was necessary because of this war on terror. There is no war on terror. They made it up. They created multiple crises all over the country including 9/11 in an effort to persuade you to let go of your civil liberties. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. They use crises to make drastic changes in the law and policies that would not otherwise be acceptable to you. They create the crises themselves. They call it “Order out of chaos”. So just after the Sandy hook incident, Barack Obama is heard giving a really touching speech about the incident in which he chimes the words, “We look for order out of chaos.” Yep, he was playing the game.

So if it doesn’t bug you that your thoughts, phone conversations, personal mail and written communication is being monitored, you just might get upset is someone hacked into your device while you were trying to do something rational and productive and continuously messed with your work.

This is how it works. You sit down to edit out all the errors in the document you just typed. Some gang stalker you can’t see has hacked into your computer, cell or iPad. You go to correct something and suddenly when you hit the right keys nothing happens. Or while you are backspacing over the wrong letters the cursor moves and you end up erasing what you did not need to fix. Or you erase the wrong letters and they just keeping popping back up. You try to save changes and the save button freezes and won’t respond. They alter the word processing program so that the spell check function does not work. Then you are suddenly thrown out of your word processing program and have to start all over.

That’s your war on terror, aka war on democracy, the right to privacy and your right to free speech. Anybody out there ready for a fight?

May 21, 2013

The raping has subsided. But they are still hammering my head with DEW. One of their tactics is to make me feel that I have really failed God and he is done with me. I can feel.the electromagnetic weight in my head and inside I feel dead, abandoned. It’s all electronic. I remember when the isolation first set in when I was at the Vineyard. I remember when I was reading my bible, God said to me, “My love is not quenched.” Satan is a liar and so are those that serve him. When we are being attacked we lean into the wind and just keep marching.

I recently got my income tax return back and I put it in savings. I had a three paycheck month at the same time. Then my HP laptop just shut off for no apparent reason and would not turn on again. I took my car in for an oil change and the mechanic whom I have never seen before recommended about $500 more of work on my car. I declined. Then my dog got sick. And I can “hear” my stalkers whining, “That sock just won’t shrink.”. I keep a balance in my savings account and in my checking account at all times. I also don’t buy things on credit. Stalkers are notorious for breaking thing so I have to spend money fixing them. They have really goofed up my car. Since I wouldn’t spend the $500 on my car they are probably responsible for my dog being sick. They want me to have to take him to the vet.

The problem is that stalkers are also notorious for manipulating businesses into cooperating with their wicked schemes. One auto maintenance business put my brakes on backwards so they always squeaked and wore down quicker. I took my car to another place and the mechanic told me what was wrong. I paid him to fix them. I took my car r another place when I could hear that tell-tale signs that I needed new breaks. He told me they just needed cleaning. I was sure he was lying to me. A month or so later I took them to a different place and had to have the pads and calipers replaced. Gang stalking victims are repeatedly being over charged for things. The first time they dropped my muffler when I was in Mt. Vernon, I paid $85 to have the whole shebang including the muffler and the bracket replaced. The last time they dropped my muffler, I paid 125.00 to replace just the bracket. And the mechanic burned a whole in my seat too.

I bought a new iPad so I could still write. However, stalker has hacked into that too and is still manipulating the cursor so I can’t work on it. Went to my cell to work in WordPress. The spell checker does not work as well in my cell so I will probably go back and find errors. The stalker that hacked my computer/cell/ iPad refuses to allow me to produce anything without errors.

May 25, 2013

Actually it is May 26, 2013, but the work that I did last night that I spell checked and updated several times has suddenly disappeared. How does that happen? That is the result of this fake war on terror. Now we have stalkers hacking computer systems at will attempting to censor anything that exposes their non constitutional, invasive, and criminal behavior. But I don’t ever give up.
Yesterday I woke up with another electronically induced migraine. I got up at about 5:00 AM and took some Excedrin and went back to bed for about two hours and got up and went to work. The raping started up again and continues.

I went to work this morning and parked my car. I walked to the building which is about a block away and decided that I needed to turn around and go back to it to make sure I locked it. I spent 7.5 years in the military and it is pretty much a Religion when it comes to locking and securing things. It is a sin not to lock things up and there are consequences for getting. However, with gang stalkers it is not a guarantee that you will keep them out. When I had my house in Apple Valley I would lock my door regularly, and I would come home and find that it was unlocked. They have a way of getting their hands on keys and they have acquired my car key. I have a parking permit tag hanging on my mirror and if they could get their hands on it without it being obvious that they took it, they would. So you have to under stand their game. There is this problem with Remote Neural Monitoring. Your thoughts can be read from a satellite in outer space ans displayed on a computer screen. Stalkers have access to this technology. Gloria Naylor, a targeted individual, in her book 1996 talks about the mind reading problem. The book is actually fiction, but it is based on her real experience as a targeted individual. She was ordering some maps, and when she had determined which maps she wanted she placed her order. When the maps arrived, they were not the ones she had ordered. They were maps that she had considered ordering, however. I had a similar experience when I was living in my house in Apple Valley. I have a little dog that I crated during the day when I was at work. I was putting Chowder in his crate when I noticed that the lamb skin on the floor of the crate was bunching up. I was in a hurry so I thought to myself, “I am going to have to fix that when I get home. However when I got home in the evening the lamb skin was already straightened out, but not by me. I was not aware of the RNM issue at that time nor was I aware that I was being targeted.
So here I am back at my car. The problem was that I was not sure that I had locked it. They are monitoring my thoughts. If I don’t go back and make sure that I did in fact lock my car, even if I did lock it, they would have unlocked my car, grabbed my parking pass and taken off with it and left the doors unlocked making it look like it was stolen and it was my fault for not locking the door. I would have had to pay a fine to get the pass back. In fact I have a parking badge and a a badge for entering the building where I work. They have stolen those from me several times and it costs me $20 to get them replaced each time. One time I had them in my bag both attached to the same lanyard. I went with a friend to deliver a mattress to a friend and left my bag in my friends locked truck for about one minute. Later I discovered that one of the badges had disappeared right it of my bag. The other was still attached to the lanyard.

There is a helicopter flying around outside. Reminds me of the time I took my dog out for a pee, and there was a helicopter flying around over my head and shining a spotlight down on the ground. I think it was supposed to intimidate me. It didn’t.

Gang stalking is all about gaining control of someone’s life as well as their assets. We are living in a very Satanic world.
I am reminded by my very faithful Father in Heaven that gang stalkers, Satanists, Freemasons and the like are human. I get angry about what they do, but I have this wonderful thing called faith and a relationship with God who I know loves me dearly. That is one thing I am sure stalkers do not have. God loves them as deeply and as tenderly as he loves me, but they remain outside the circle of his grace and love. Particularly those who are members of a cult. Those who grow up in the cult are told that they are going to go to Hell, but Hell is not a bad place. They are also told that God does not love them nor would he ever love them because of the things they have done. They have no choices, no hope and nothing to look forward to. Their World View if pretty deterministic. Cults rule by secrecy, covertness, fear and intimidation. Those who are raised in the cult learn unquestioned obedience to their leaders. They are emotionally beaten into the ground and they are taught that their worth is all rolled up in what they contribute to their cause. They are not loved, not nourished, not encouraged. I have a funny feeling that those who are stalking me wanted to live my life. If you grow up without love, and you see people enjoying loving relationships and you are always on the outside you can become pretty resentful. Therefore God asks me to be patient and gentle. He does love them. They don’t have to go to Hell. They do have a choice.

Therefore the Lord is waiting to show you mercy, and is rising up to show you compassion, for the Lord is a just God. All who wait patiently for Him are happy. Isaiah 39:18 HCSB

May 27,2013

I woke up this morning with another electronically induced migraine. I had a song in my heart though. “Bless The Lord oh my soul. Oh my soul, worship his holy name.”

I keep making corrections and saving them and they keep disappearing. I have corrected and recorrected spelling mistakes multiple times. Reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day.

June 5, 2013

Electronic headache two days in a row. Raped all day today. Electronically depressing my emotions too. I am wondering what kind of person takes pleasure in doing things like that to innocent people. Someone either full of malice and hate or someone being coerced by someone like that. I am concerned about people who were railroaded into gangs talking. When very decent normal people are forced to do something evil it traumatizes them. Trauma kills your emotional life and eventually your conscience. That is the whole point of Satanic Ritual Abuse. For stalkers out there who are being forced, put your trust in Jesus. He knows where you are. He is merciful. For those of you who hurt innocent people because you are full of malice – REPENT!!! Jesus shed his blood to save you, but you have to make a choice.


This week has been one of the worst for electronic harassment. Not only has the rapist been at it again, but he was turning up the dial on my emotions. I have been raped several days in a row non stop all day long. So while I am sitting at my desk as work this filthy sex offender with a dangerous toy has been hammering me with it. Then to top it off he has been turning up the dial on my nerves and emotions. DEW is absolutely capable of manipulating your central nervous system. So while this pervert was raping me at work he is also firing up my nerves. It felt like every nerve in my body was on edge. I know what he is trying to do. Stalkers do this to their targets all the time. He is literally pushing all my buttons at once trying to force me to explode while I am at work. (See Mark Rich’s book The Hidden Evil). What people seem not to understand about what bully stalkers are doing is deliberately digging a hole for their targets to fall into. They want to make their targets appear to be unbalanced, disturbed, even dangerous people. The goal is to get them locked up in jail or in a psych ward somewhere. Neither of those places are safe places for targeted individuals

June 17th 2013

I made another trip to City Council. The following is the speech I made pertaining to the ongoing problem. The three-minute buzzer went off before I finished but I made it to the end of the verse in Revelation in the second to last paragraph.

Gang stalking continues in violation to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Gang stalkers are torturing people with microwave weapons in violation of the law.
– electronic rape, electronically induced Migraine headaches, Pain in the teeth and gums, painful muscle cramps, sleep disruption.
They are guilty of repeated home invasions
– recently my home was invaded and my dog let loose to run around the apartment complex. My apartment manager put the dog back. While I had the locks switched on my doors, I am certain that my dog was locked in my kitchen before I left that morning because I reached down to pet his little head before I shut the door and locked it. They have at other times stolen personal property including a jar full of coins and a jar full of foreign currency that I had collected while I traveled during my military enlistment.
They are guilty of vandalism of privately own vehicles
– I recently replaced the break lines on my Toyota corolla for the second time since I moved to Columbus six years ago.

I am in contact with multiple other innocent persons who are experiencing the same things.

Allegedly, these stalking gangs were supposed to assist law enforcement pick up the slack of their tremendous burden. They were supposed to “keep an eye out” on “persons of interest” to law enforcement. Or they were supposed to keep alleged offenders in line. Entire communities including local businesses and churches, have been persuaded to cooperate with these gangs thinking that they are serving their communities.

So how is is that people who are torturing innocent civilians with microwave weapons, a great number of whom are single career women living alone, vandalizing POVs, invading people’s homes, stealing and destroying their possessions, and spreading false accusations about the people they target all over the community are thought of as concerned citizens while their victims are denied justice. How is it that lawyers are being threatened with the loss of their careers for defending the innocent targets of a vicious crime and law enforcement is required to coddle criminals.

I am one of we the people, and I did not vote to abolish the constitution nor the bill of rights. No one ever asked me. I did not say it was okay to ignore due process for a certain selected group of people. No one asked me. I have no criminal record. I am a law abiding tax paying citizen, an American, a Veteran and a believer in Jesus Christ. While I am not a perfect woman, I have never harmed anyone with a weapon. I have never stolen anyone’s personal property no walked into their homes without their consent, nor vandalized anyone’s POV. I am also committed to not being a gossip. I guard my lips when it comes to what I say about other people. Do you know why? Because in the book of Revelation it tells me that liars, cowards, the sexually immoral, and slanderers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven and I take that seriously. It is about time a lot of you remember that God owns this planet. He is a God of justice and no one is going to threaten him for responding to the cries of millions of suffering people who are experiencing what I am going through.

It is time you paid attention and did your job. Law enforcement sent me your way because I am sure they are sick to death of the situation and don’t particularly care to coddle criminals. They would like to do their jobs too. You have satellites that can read my private thoughts from outer space, then you should be able to stop the sex offenders who are hijacking the same satellites and using them to electronically rape multiple victims. There is no excuse.


Today is another day when I would like to give these filthy stalkers hell. I did. They have been rapping me solid all day long for several days in a row. They also turn up the dial on their em devices to turn up my anger. What they are trying to do is get me to blow up in public. This is how their sick filthy scheme works. They turn up the dial on their devices and put pressure on your emotions. Then they start the raping. They are invisible of course so no one sees what these sick perverts are doing. So if you give them what they want and blow up then you get labeled violent or schizophrenic or sick, when in fact the sick people who do these things remain hidden. They belong in jail or in psych ward somewhere. I made another trip City Council and laid it out for them. Stalkers are sick deranged criminals. Mr Ginther, president of Columbus Ohio City council sits there after listening to me and says “thank you for sharing your thoughts”. The first time I addressed city council with the issue, Michelle M. Mills an the two ladies who sit in the front row with her sat their with obvious smirks on their faces. They knew as was coming! The stalkers who have their targets under constant surveillance knew what I was doing and got their ahead of me. No doubt City Council is supporting the criminals who do these things. I still contend that Law Enforcement is being forced to comply with what the criminals are doing by the Federal Government. There is an affidavit signed by a targeted individual who got it straight from an official at the Department of Justice that they are doing nothing to stop gang stalkers. That affidavit is located at This is Eleanor white’s web site which is one of my posts. So I believe that City Council and Law Enforcement are dealing with a Federal Government “compliance” issue.

In Daniel Estulin’s book, The Tavistock Institute, he makes a statement in which those who promoted the concept of “social engineering” or mind control on a mass scale, call this government “fascism with a democratic face”. The book is in Spanish and I had to translate it with google translate but is is worth it. In the book in the first chapter he also talks about John Rawlings Reece’s plan to use small groups to control every person on the planet. That is your gang-stalking groups. He also talks about Reece’s desire to promote a universal adoption of sadism. That is exactly what gang-stalkers are doing. They are absolute sadists.

For those of you who believe in prayer to the real God, Targeted Individuals everywhere need and deserve your prayers and your support. Gang stalking is organized crime and is is all over the planet. In Mark Rich’s book, The Hidden Evil he states that there is evidence that gang stalkers are filming their targets at home getting undressed and entertaining themselves with the films. It is not a far stretch to believe that they are also selling those films in the porn industry and making money from them. Cathy O’Brien was used by her father to make kiddie porn films. He was caught trying to mail those films through the US postal system. The government sent Gerald Ford out to his house to cut a deal. They would not prosecute him if he allowed Cathy to become a part of the secret Monarch project. That project was developed by Joseph Mengele, the infamous Nazi scientist who tortured the Jews in concentration camps in Germany. Joseph Mengele was brought to the US in secret under project Paperclip and given political asylum here. He raped and tortured infants in the horrific Monarch program and created multiple personalities in them so they could be used as mind controlled slaves by the government. Cathy O’Brian became a “White House Presidential Model Sex Slave”. She was prostituted to multiple Washington dignitaries as well as dignitaries around the world. She was also used as a drug courier. Not to mention the fact that she was forced to marry someone who used her to make porn fils as well. That is found in the book written by Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips called Trance Formation of America. The book, though Cathy’s true story, is full of sexually explicit material and I could only read portions of it. It reads like a hard core porn novel, so you have to careful. If our government is willing to do such things, it is not a far cry to believe that stalkers are filming their victims and selling the films. Since stalkers are also known for driving people from their jobs and homes into homeless shelters and despair and since they are known for raping their victims repeatedly it is also not hard to believe that they are also involved in sex trafficking. This is organized crime for profit. This is the filthy fascist government that has been operating in secret in America for so long. No one is safe in this country. The fascist underground is however rising to the serf ace and us becoming very bold. They are feeling pretty confident at this point of their ability to take complete control. That is why whistleblower s such as Edward Snowden, Cathy O’Brien and Manning deserve and need our support.

July 13, 2013

I am very grateful to know that God is for me and not against me. I am also sure of his justice. I am still being raped daily with DEW. God has been sustaining me through this vicious attack. I have this red rash all over my body from the radiation. I believe like Jewel, these stalkers are miserable people and they are taking out their fury on me. My real concern is when they Re DEWing up my emotions. They want me to be angry and miserable all the time. The only people I ever get angry with is them because of their very repugnant behavior. However, unlike Jewel, I don’t ever see my stalkers. I know who set this up but the evil masterminds behind this stalking filth are also exploiting or are possibly exploiting simpletons who really don’t know what they are doing. They are people who are weak and easily manipulated. The other problem is that typical satanic abusers force weaker people to do things they really would not want to do to another person. This creates trauma for the stalker and personality corruption. I don’t want to further traumatize anyone by getting angry with them.

They keep moving the bed slats on my bed which was causing my bed to sag and giving me a back ache. I also found a wooden spatula hidden in my cupboard where I store my drinking glasses way in the back where I could barely see it. That is a typical satanic intimidation tactic. It lets me know they have been in my house and “they are watching”.

July 23 2013

Today has been one of the worst days of my life. I got suspended from work again yesterday for the third time in the past 12 months. This time it was for something that was completely not in my control. The last couple of times I got suspended it was on a three paycheck month. It is always when I have some extra money and the stalkers was to zap my finances. The thing is I am 54 years old. I have worked all my life and I have never been suspended from any job. I am a hard worker and a very nice person. But when you are being targeted you are surrounded by a net that involves everybody and everything in your world. Make no mistake you employer is on board with this.

These gang stalking networks are interconnected with the Freemason lodges in every city. They are also interconnected with all the banks and businesses, your doctor and good luck finding an attorney to represent you. Essentially big business has taken control of this country and they break the law whenever they want and no one is holding them accountable. Your employer and your stalkers basically have control of your whole life. They conspire and collaborate and unfortunately the pastor of your church may also be on board. They control you like you are a child with no rights. They also have this secret system which involves a secret court system where you have requirements that you don’t know about but if you meet all the requirements you get taken off the list and aren’t stalked anymore. However the stalkers’ job is to make sure you never meet the requirements. So say you if are on the list because you have a “temper” they will make it a requirement that you have to go say three months without loosing your temper. So say you have gone 11 weeks without getting mad about anything they will set you up in a situation where they know you are going to get angry. The clock starts all over again and they get to keep you and the money they get for stalking you. This is something like the behavior plans I used to work with in MRDD only we didn’t do things to deliberately upset people.

Now here is the thing. I have one or two stalkers who are constantly raping me and they do it because they know it makes me mad. But this time I just refused to react to him. So they got with my work and had me suspended because they had to do something to upset me. The truth is I am a very congenial gregarious person. It is not in my nature to get angry with people. But they have to have some excuse to keep control of me. So I was suspended for a day and a half. So the next day I could not get the WIFI on my IPAD to work because the hotspot on my phone was not operating properly. Yesterday I published an article and started the process of publishing another book at home on my IPad using my Hotspot. Today it would not work at all. I called Boost customer care and they said there was a power outage and that effected the Hotspot. Problem was I could get on the web using my phone. No problem accessing the web with my phone. Make no mistake, the major phone companies are all onboard with this covert fascist control system. They have us all in a web and it is all illegal and a violation of the constitution and they don’t care!

By the end of today I was angrier then I have been in a long time. The saddest thing about this is that innocent people who do not really know what they are doing are complying with this wicked scheme, including the church.


The raping continues nonstop. I was raped all day at work while I was working. My Internet started working again on Saturday. I was being raped yesterday while I was taking a nap. The rapist who remains unknown because I never see his face because he is using DEW, is trying to drive me out of my mind. I still have one. But these thugs attack mercilessly and to my knowledge though I have been calling the police for seven years and talking to City Council for two years no one is holding these criminals accountable. I got slapped again at work today. No pay raise for me.

Stalkers use Directed Energy Weapons to read your thoughts, but the crazy thing is you can also read their thoughts when they do that. Dr. John Hall made a note of that in his book A New Breed. They are trying to get me to “break”. The is trauma based mind control programming. They intend to put so much stress on you that you eventually have a nervous breakdown. This is exactly the kind of trauma that was induced in the MONARCH mind control project including the constant raping. They also want me to surrender or submit. If you get a chance to read Daniel Estulin’s book The Tavistock Institute you can see exactly where this is coming from. The New World Order, which declared itself in Nov. 24 th 2011 according to the late Grant R Geoffrey, designed a fascist control system by putting people in small groups or cults which control them. Of course we know this is a violation of the law, a violation of the Constitution, a violation of the Federal Torture Statute and probably a bunch of other laws. These people are absolutely lawless and they have no fear of reprisal. That is because Law Enforcement has been chained and gagged, the BAR association is not permitted to defend Targeted Individuals, doctors are being forced to play their game or lose their licenses and pastors of churches, as my other TI FB friend puts it, are afraid of loosing their tax exempt status and/or they have been thoroughly deceived about what gang stalkers are really doing, so there is a real live American Holocaust going in in this enslaved country. This is the NWOs way of imprisoning dissidents without it looking like they have really done anything wrong.

I gave the leadership of my church plenty of information about what gang stalkers are doing and In the seven years I have attended there no one has offered to do anything to help. One person I talked to had the nerve to say to me, “I know God is going to protect you.” For seven years I have endured this abuse. I have had my break lines cut twice on my car. My home has been invaded multiple times and I have been robbed three times. I have been hammered with microwave weapons pretty much daily for the last seven years. They give me migraine headaches two to three times a week, diarrhea, muscle cramps, pain in my teeth and gums and the constant raping. I have red burns now all over my body from the radiation. Not to mention the constant harassment at work. They are trying to keep me from making too much money because I write and they don’t want me to publish both because I am exposing them and because it makes it hard to convince everybody that I am just out of my mind. That is the most typical ploy they use to keep people from listening when their targets complain. Problem is I research and I can easily support my claims with my research and with the evidence of the damage to my body (see pictures above).


September 10, 2013

I put out another batch of pamphlets last week, two actually which were about gang stalking and Directed Energy Weapons. The second one had pictures in it. Suddenly my stalkers have gotten very quiet. I haven’t been raped I think in two weeks. Phew! I am hoping my community is finally getting the picture.


I am getting a book ready to publish and finishing another and starting a third. I love to write. It focuses me. I am very concerned about Jewel. She is loosing her house and is feeling pretty burnt out emotionally. That is the problem witch em weapons. As one author and TI put it, “It kills your heart”. She was referring I think to the fact that electronic emotional manipulation deadens your emotional life. She is right. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit that keeps me alive.

September 28, 2013

Got hit with the worst toothache in the history of mankind. For the record, before I became a target in my mid fourties I never had a tooth ache my entire life. I have been in vacation this week working publishing a manuscript or two. They always try to mess me up on vacation number one, number two they don’t like it that I am a writer and I have achievements, two the third book I publish is absolutely exposing them.


I have fir the past tweets dealing with getting my elderly mother moved and situated with me. I went to Alabama with my brother and his friend and we packed up her trailer which she has lived in for about 20 years. Of course the stalkers had to have their fun. The inside latch on the driver’s side door no longer works. I have to roll my window down and open the car door from the outside. I snapped a picture where they pried the casing on the inside if the door open and damaged the lock.

Damage done to my lock by stalker.  Notice the chip in the lining of the door and the scratch on the paint where the stalker inserted a crow bar.

Damage done to my lock by stalker. Notice the chip in the lining of the door and the scratch on the paint where the stalker inserted a crow bar.

Upon returning home I had most of my mothers stuff stored in a storage unit , but some of it we unpacked in my apartment. There were these two little glass bowels with apples painted on the outside that I gave my mother for Christmas one year that I sat on top of my wooden cabinet in my kitchen for lack of anywhere else to put them. Between my mother and I coming and going the stalkers got into my apartment and stole them. They also stole one dish from a brand new set of dishes I bought several years ago. One of my books, The New Satanist has disappeared from my collection of books. Wonder why they wanted that book?

I have been enduring electronic rape on a daily basis. They give me severe cramps in my feet to wake me up from a sound sleep at least one time a night. They did it again last night. I was also being hammered with an electromagnetic weapon in my hips so my hips hurt when I walk. The stalkers are sadomasochists, that is they derive pleasure in causing people pain.

How do I cope with this? I pray daily. I put my faith in God who brings comfort to soften the blow of their constant abuse. I keep my eyes on the coming kingdom. I pray daily that the church will wake up to the danger that we are surely facing in the days to come.


This morning my keys came up missing. They were not on the hook where I normally hang them. They were not in my purse and not in my pockets. It’s 9:00am and my mother and I are ready to go to church. It bothers me greatly when these things happen for several reasons. Of course your keys are the things you use to lock thing and make your car go. Life without your keys can come to a screeching halt. When you are a gang stalking target, your keys become extremely important tot your stalkers. They want your keys because they want access to everything you have. It is all about control. My key chain has keys to my apartment, my car, my PO Box, my mother’s storage unit, and my safety deposit box. I recently rented a new apartment and if course they wanted the key to my new apartment. I recently rented a storage unit for my mother and they wanted those keys as well. However, I guard my keys very carefully and I am careful about where I put them. Having copies of y our keys give the stalker access to your whole life. They also get copies of all you passwords on all you computer accounts, including your bank accounts on or offline. They rape you because that is there way if saying that there is nothing, not even your body that they do not have access too. They have electromagnetic weapons by which they can even manipulate your mind and your thoughts. These people are invasive and very sick. They display all the characteristics of a personality.

So where do I find my keys? They were stuck in the door knob on the outside if my door and had been there presumably all night. Of course they want me to think that I just forgot and left them there. I don’t ever do that. The other possibilities are that I hung them on the hook where I normally hang them and took the dog out without locking my door and while I was out they slipped in and grabbed them odd the hook and took them and made copies. Or they tripped my mind, which they are very capable of doing with their DEW weapons, and though. I believed that I had taken them out if the door and hung them on the hook, I had not. How did they do that? During the Viet Nam era soldiers were injected with a Rambo Chip which enabled those monitoring the soldier to see and hear everything the soldier saw as well as monitor all bodily functions including the central nervous system. They were also able to cause the soldier to re-experience what he had lived through earlier. Hello PTSD! Ergo, since it is my habit to hang my keys on the door knob, my brain has recorded that experience numerous times. All they have to do is trip my brain into reliving the experience. They made me do that before when I thought I had my computer bag with me, and I didn’t. They wanted to have access to my computer.

The sadomasochistic narcissistic bully that does these things want’s me to think there is no way to get away from him. What he does not see is a very holy God who see’s his every thought, and every action. He does not see the profound consequences if his actions. He thinks he is invincible. He thinks he is the center if the universe. He is a very foolish man.

2 Hear the voice of my supplication, as I cry to you for help, as I lift up my hands toward your most holy sanctuary. 3 Do not drag me away with the wicked, with those who are workers of evil, who speak peace with their neighbors, while mischief is in their hearts. 4 Repay them according to their work, and according to the evil of their deeds; repay them according to the work of their hands; render them their due reward. 5 Because they do not regard the works of the LORD, or the work of his hands, he will break them down and build them up no more. 6 Blessed be the LORD, for he has heard the sound of my pleadings.

Psalms 28:2-6 NRSV


I was being electronically attacked all yesterday. The person who attacks my emotions wants me to believe that God is finished with me. I literally feel absolutely God-forsaken. But I know it’s electronic so I put my face to the wind and keep marching. I went to church anyway. It emotionally drains you sometimes, but it is a game of mind over matter. I put my faith in God and keep going.

This person who attacks me this way may likely be a Freemasin, Luciferian. To him my faith is another religion. I am a religionist and a moralist, tags given to imply that my faith is a “condition” or an unhealthy mindset. He is trying to cure me. Unfortunately the are people in this world who think like him. In the NWO they want one state religion, because they plan in using religion to control the populace. Christianity in incompatible with their fascist ideals. So they are trying to use force to get me to let go of my faith in the one true God and his son Jesus. Not happening!

I am reminded that the job of a Christian in this world is not to create a comfortable lifestyle for themselves. That is not our call. “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves” says our savior. He intends us to be a light to the wolves. So I am a believ
in Jesus Christ being spied on 24 seven and targeted and harassed. I respond to that is many and varied ways, not all of them good. But the reality is that I am being a witness 24/7. We endure suffering and hardship for a purpose.

Of course I am on my knees praying that God will deliver me from this tormentor or tormentors. But I hear the voice of one inside me who faced a cross long ago, “If it be possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.” Jesus did not come to create a comfortable lifestyle for himself either. He came to die.

I have compassion attacks for these stalkers. When you can’t look someone in the face and communicate with them dorectly, you are left with trying to decipher their code. I am not sure how good a code breaker I am. What I know for sure is that my stalkers need the one who went to the cross for them. I am not sure how much of him they see in me. I wish they could know him like I know him – the one who never leaves me or forsakes me.

I am concerned today. My spirit is disquieted. The whole structure of gang stalkers and handlers and controllers is itself ensnaring people and I don’t mean just targeted individuals. Stalkers themselves are trapped. Some of them are just mean and they enjoy hurting people. But there are people who were pushed out of their jobs and railroaded into becoming stalkers for lack of any other choice. Gang stalking gangs function exactly like the occult. In the occult children are forced to participate in the gruesome torture and murder of other children. This serves to traumatized the child and creates split personalities. I am certain that stalkers are put through the same kind of treatment or conditioning and though they are adults and their personalities might not split, they are traumatized by being forced to rape and torture people. If they don’t cooperate they are in trouble with their leaders. If they do they are subject to a deepening sense of shame and self reproach. Targeted individuals do often end up committing suicide, but I suspect that stalkers do to. It would mean a lot to me to know that there are soldiers it Christ out there who are willing to do the job of rescuing stalkers and stalked alike from that horrible system. If you are a stalker and you are in that position, don’t despair. Don’t take your life. God is close to the broken hearted and he has mercy for you.


This past weekend, yes Thanksgiving weekend, I packed up my apartment in one day and moved the next. I had help with the moving part from my brother and my nephew. We also moved my mother’s belongings from her storage shed to the new place. By the end of the day, and it took us all day, we three stooges were whipped. Much to my chagrin however, things came up missing. We only moved one mile down the road.

I am truly not an angry person. More than anything I am baffled. I have never been a part of the world of under cover ops and I don’t imagine it to be any fun at all. Can you imagine constantly spying on people and never being able to talk to them? What if the people you were spying on were people you really liked? What if you were lonely and wished you could just talk to them. The world of ghosts and spies is an isolated world. It is a world where trust is a precious commodity, and warmth, love and affection are things you long for but can’t afford. Sometimes I think the stalkers are trying to tell me something, but I don’t speak their language. Problem is there are a lot of people in that undercover world who are absolutely devious and not people you would ever want to get close to or trust. They play a dirty game of pool. I have but one thing to say, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.


Golly life can get interesting sometimes. I just moved my mother and I to a two bedroom duplex. We pulled two households together into two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living room. I have been reviewing the constant interference from gang stalkers.

Broke the latch on my driver’s side door so I can’t open it from the inside. Have to roll the window down and open it from the outside.

While my brother and I were packing up mother’s stuff, he noticed that somehow her dining room table had been switched out. Both he and I know what her table looked like. It was unique with scalloped edges. It was covered with a table cloth so no one noticed until we moved her. Mom is old and I think they tapped her memory because she still thinks that was her table.

Went shopping for Christmas and the Perp was DEWing the corner of my eye. Made my eye hurt probably because I was looking to buy something his controlling self did not want me to buy. He shows up a lot when I am shopping either by raping me or by aiming his weapon at my eye so I don’t enjoy shopping so much.

My mom and I bought a swiffer vacuum floor duster because we now have hardwood floors. It was working fine. But suddenly the thing kept tilting backwards while I was trying to sweep. Noticed that the hose had been switched around so that it was backwards and it wouldn’t work properly. That was a perp that invaded our house while we were out and decided to destroy something that we got that was brand new. He did the same thing with a vacuum cleaner I had.

Speaking of floor cleaners. I have a hard wood floor cleaner at my other place that I used on my Kitchen floor. It has a vacuum capability but I did not ever use to that way. I just swept my floor with a broom before I cleaned it with the floor cleaner. So all of a sudden the floor cleaner was not picking up water. Checked the thing out and it was full of dog hair. Yeh. How does that happen? Perp again.

Recently was trying to upload a Manuscript on Create Space and could not press the Browse button to find and upload my file. It was blocked. Perp/Controller does not like it that I write, primarily because he does not want people to know me. He has worked very hard to create a false impression of me which suites his agenda, and when I write I blow his agenda all to pieces.

He continually rapes me. He has changed his tactic so that it does not leave burns on my legs like it used to. I took pictures of the burns and published them.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and the Perp is always hammering my emotions trying to make me believe that God has given up on me, I’ve lost my salvation etc. I put my face to the wind and keep marching. My perp or perps do not know me and they do not know God. If they knew him they would be on their faces repenting because they would realize how gracious and forgiving he is and how desperately they are in need of his mercy. Fascist think the only way to accomplish anything is to use force and bully everyone into submission. God is wiser.


There has been a lot of gang stalking activity since my last post. The raping continues. It is hard to imagine the absolute malice in the heat of a person who literally has his electronic hand on my body all day. He is a sick person.

I am reminded of a remark that Adam Weishaupt made to one of his friends. He wanted to cure one of their members of his “religion”. These perpetrators who attack me electronically are people who absolutely think that they are “curing” me of my religion. It boggles the mind that people who rape me constantly, have given me migraine headaches endlessly, who made me throw up my lunch last Thursday, who made my right foot cramp while I was driving home on ice, who tampered with the brake system on my car twice, who broke the passenger side and driver side door knobs on my car, who put a flat tire on my car, who invaded my home repeatedly and stole money from me, are so foolish as to think they need to cure me of something. It absolutely boggles the mind!!


I went it city council again this past week. I am feeling pretty miserable about it. I struggle with this issue because I have reported problems with gang stalkers to the police several times, and I have gone to city council numerous times over the past couple of years. When I talk to the police about gang stalkers they always act like they don’t know what I am talking about. City council gives me the “deer in the headlights” look. And the electronic rape, the vandalizing my car, the illegal entry into my home, the microwave torture continues. So I say to City Council, “To my knowledge, neither this council nor the police have done anything to curb the habits of these gang stalkers.” I really hate that I said that. I really do believe that the police in my community honestly care about doing their jobs, but they are not allowed to say anything to me. I don’t know about city council. I don’t have it out for Law Enforcement, and I don’t want to hurt them or discourage them or appear ungrateful. The police are in a tough spot. They can’t talk to us. I don’t ever want to interpret the or silence as carelessness or such like. I pray for our police every day. I really do. I encourage all stalking targets to pray for law enforcement and our public officials. They are facing a giant just like we are. I want to encourage them not beat up on them.


One of my least favorite things to do is to balance my checkbook. I went to using my iPad because the electronic checkbook does all my adding and subtracting for me. Saves time and my nerves. Recently I moved. At my new residence I have a new water/sewer vender named the Guardian. When I make an entry in my checkbook on my iPad the device keeps a record of all the venders I use regularly. So this past month I made an entry for the check that I wrote to the Guardian for the first time. However, this evening I noticed a discrepancy in what the bank says I had and what my checkbook says I had. Funniest thing, the entry for the Guardian along with two other entries were missing from my checkbook. I asked myself, “Did I forget to write them down or was there some more shenanigans from stalkers hacking my IPad? I have a large payment coming to me and they are always trying to get me to overspend when they know that I have extra money coming. The bank says I have more money than I say I do when I put all the entries back that were missing. It is almost $200 more than I say I have. I am puzzled. Well the answer to the question is easy. I only ever had one bill to pay the Guardian water/sewer vender. So when I went to make the entry my iPad checkbook recognized the Guardian as a vender that I have entered before. Since I only wrote one check to the Guardian, there would have been no way for the iPad to recognize it if I had not entered it before. Therefore the only way the entry could not be there was if someone hacked into my iPad and erased it. The perpetrator also erased the other two entries that would have been made on exactly the same day at the same time.

However, the mystery remains to be solved as to why the bank still has more money in my account than My records indicate I should have.



This happens frequently. The stuff. I wrote yesterday and updated somehow disappeared from my blog. So I will rewrite it and then some.

I wrote that the raping comes and goes. Hr quits for awhile and then he starts up again. The microwaving at night when I am trying to sleep does the same thing. Recently I started a new job, and one week into my new job I get hit with the cold virus from hell. I can’t miss any work at all because I just started a new job. Then I got two migraine headaches on top of that.

I have been concerned about my mother. She is 80 years old, and she is also being electronically harassed. She does not know what is happening to her, and I don’t know how to explain it to her. She tells me that she has something metal in her ear. She can feel it when she sticks her finger in her ear. She has been having balance problems, dizziness and vertigo. She also had problems passing out which she calls “woozies”. She hears a l,our buzzing noise in her head and then she passes out. I am sure that the metal thing in her ear is am implant which is causing her balance problems, vertigo etc and her “woozies” are caused by an EM weapon of some sort.
She also has not been able to take a shower for a year because hen she gets in the shower her heart starts racing and she can’t breathe.

My mother has been having terrible back problems and she she spends most of her day in a recliner. I bight her a memory foam mattress set, and it helped for about one day. I remember the unexplainable back spasm I got before I learned that DEW can cause back pain amongst other things. When I was working in my book they attacked my spine with a microwave weapon.

The woman who set me up manipulated my mother into cooperating with her scheme. I had no idea what was going on, but the woman convinced my mother that I was loosing my mind. I was being attached with DEW and V2k. I have since then spent oodles of hours researching the problem and have a pretty good understanding of gang stalkers, their methods and weapons. My mother was a witness therefore, and they ware trying to control her.


My mother was sitting in her recliner and she had laid the TV remote control down in the chair beside her for a minute. Then next minute she reached for it and it wasn’t there. We have searched the living room for it and have been unable to find it. It would not be the first time an astral projecting stalker stole something. Mom doesn’t believe it, but she can’t explain where the remote went.

The stalkers want absolute control of my life, my finances, my body etc. they are obviously members of a cult that practices mind control. The raping is part of their obsession with control. They also like to force me to go to the bathroom about once every hour and they will frequently give me diarrhea. I never had the bowel amd bladder issues that I have had since I became a target


Still being raped daily. Found a condom wrapper on the floor in my living room a couple of days ago. I am a 54 year old celebrate single woman. My mother is an 80 year old woman who has never had to use a condom in her life. Puleez!


12:43am being raped again or should I say “still”. This is a clear case for a sexually chased society. I have very traditional values when it comes to sex. It is for marriage only. And marriage is for a one man and one woman union. I don’t want to judge or shame people who have extramarital sex but I hold the Biblical view that it is wrong. And this is exactly why. Sexually chaste people don’t sexually exploit others nor try to enslave others to satisfy their selfish passions. This is where sexual perversion always leads. Though I don’t condone sexual perversion of any kind, there is nothing more repugnant, nor repulsive to me then the perverseness of those who sit behind a computer screen hacking into an overhead satellite raping women, men and children while they keep their identity hidden. I would not want to show my face in public either if I were them.

My mother recently paid for a little identity tag for her cat which she brought from Alabama. We had it engraved at Petco with Sadie’s name and address. It cost my mother $8. We got it for her because Sadie likes to go out and play like cats do. We brought it home and put it on her. We were being responsible pet owners. If Sadie got lost then the tag would tell anyone who found her where she belonged. She wore it one day and it disappeared. That is a stalker issue. This stalker has a mindset that is particularly problematic. He didn’t like the tag on the cat because it was a statement of ownership, and it identified the owner as someone other than himself. He does not own the cat, but he wants to lay claim to all my possessions and my mother’s. That is a narcissistic personality.

The cable remote suddenly reappeared. Oh, maybe it was there all along and we just missed it. That is what the thief wants us to think. I am not fooled. My mother found the remote wedged into the wooden framework of the chair underneath the rear left corner. My mother last laid it down on the seat beside her in the front right corner. I turned that chair upside down looking for that remote! Things disappearing and showing up again later is a trademark of stalkers. A plate from a brand new set of dishes I had disappeared shortly after I purchased the dishes. I had just moved and unpacked them. When I noticed the plate gone I of course went looking for it in the original box which I kept with all the packing material. It was not there. I looked several times like you would if you lost something that was important to you. So 7 years later when I am packing those same dishes up in the same box, I go to retrieve the box, open it and low and behold the dish is in the box.

I am still being hammered with a microwave while I am trying to sleep. The narcissist I think is the one who hammered my hip joints all night long. He intended to cause permanent injury. I have recovered from that somewhat but he targets my hips a lot. He had also been known to aim his EM weapon at my eyes while I am driving causing my eyes to be extremely light sensitive to the point where I can barely see to drive. sun glasses do correct the problem, but not him.


Went to looking for a mail box this morning so I could mail a couple of bills. I was at work and I was not sure where there was one. Drove around and found one. I had to cross an intersection and there was a light. Light was red. Sat there for quite a while and the light was not changing. This crossway between Frantz Rd. and Braedenton in Dublin Ohio was not a busy intersection. It was Saturday morning around 07:30 am and this is a business district, Monday through Friday. I suspected that the stalkers were watching and messing with me. Not the first time I have caught them manipulating a traffic light. So I checked the clock in my car and waited. I sat there for an additional five minutes waiting for the light to turn green. Finally another car pulled up behind me and the light turned green immediately. Now there was a witness and the stalker had to let go. Mailed my bills and turned the car around and sat at the same traffic light 2 minutes later and it turned green almost immediately.


Came home from work early today. Only had to work a half a day and I worked overtime yesterday. My mom was up most of the night. She was hurting because of her back pain arthritis etc. her doctor has given her a script for pain patches which didn’t help her. She was disappointed. She cried most of the night. During the day she is okay. She doesn’t feel well, and she spends her entire day in her recliner, but she is lucid and pretty cheerful. She jokes with me about the cat and the dog. She updates me on the news of family and friends. I enjoy her. But at night when she goes to sleep there is a war. She is either up throwing up everything she ate, or in the bathroom with diarrhea or constipation or she is crying because her back and hip hurts. If she is up, I am too. I have no doubt this is orchestrated by the rapist. I know when I am being attacked, but my mother doesn’t. She doesn’t know anything about directed energy weapons or the criminal minds that use them.

I came home from work today after I went on a Hunt for my giving statement from my church. It wasn’t in my bag nor did I find it in my safety deposit box. I called the church and they sent it to my old address. Funny, I have been attending this church for 7 years and they have regularly sent everything to my PO Box. No doubt there are stalkers on staff in our church. Some of them might actually believe they are doing something positive by deliberately disrupting the lives if people who are being targeted. Never mind that it is completely unbiblical for someone who professes to be Christian to participate in something deliberately intended to cause someone harm. So maybe they are not really Christians, only spies, tares among the wheat.

So after my search, I cooked some soup for my mother and me. We watched some tv but I was beat, so I decided to take a nap. My mom was pretty tired too so she also decided to lay down. Someone knocked on our door while we were napping and o decided not to answer. Then the bird in the bathroom started going off. Huh? We have a bird theme in our bathroom. One if the birds is a motion sensor and when it detects motion it chirps for us. Funny that turning on the light does not make the bird chirp, but turning off the light does. But the bird was chirping non stop while my mother and I were napping. They were drunk with DEW.

Yesterday my mother was talking to me about my aunt’s problem with sleeping. She has a scar on the frontal lobe of her brain because she went without sleep for several years. My aunt was out of her mind sometimes because she simply could not sleep. Mother does not know about mind control and DEW and our filthy corrupted government. She does not know that we are surrounded by devils who practice medicine, preach behind the pulpit pretending to be Christians, lawyers pretending to practice law, etc.

I know. If I did not know that there is a God who is Holy and just and always in complete control and If I did not know that there is coming a day when this planet will be completely destroyed by those elite and their electromagnetic machinations only to be replaced by a new planet where there is no rapist, nor mind controller nor wicked DEW weapons I would loose hope. The words of Job ring solidly in my heart.

Job 19:23-29 “Oh, that my words were recorded,that they were written on a scroll, that they were inscribed with an iron tool on lead,or engraved in rock forever! I know that my redeemer lives,and that in the end he will stand on the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed,yet in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see him with my own eyes—I, and not another.How my heart yearns within me!

“If you say, ‘How we will hound him,since the root of the trouble lies in him,’ you should fear the sword yourselves;for wrath will bring punishment by the sword,and then you will know that there is judgment.”


Still being raped on a daily basis. Still being microwaved when I sleep at night. But yesterday the bully/narcissist struck again. It is funny how you can get to know someone just by becoming familiar with his behavior even though you have never met him. This guy is really sick. Pray for him. He is absolutely the malicious bully I have ever not had the privilege to meet.

I was at work at around 7:45pm on my 2nd break and I started feeling nauseous. I immediately suspected an EM attack. I Just decided to tuff it out. I got to climbing the stairs to go back to work when I realized I was going to have to stop at the restroom. I did and started violently throwing up. It made me late getting back to my desk. I sat there for about five minutes and had to get up and run back to the restroom. I got an attack of diarrhea on the way. In the restroom I went into violently throwing up again and more diarrhea. I was a hot mess, literally. After I got myself cleaned up I told my boss I needed to go home. I left work 45 minutes early. On my way to my car I had another attack. On the road I started throwing up again. Threw up all over the console between the two seats. When I got home I went straight to the shower. I got myself cleaned up again, but continued with the same throwing up and diarrhea for another 45 minutes or so. I finally took some Malox. That seemed to help. The whole episode seemed to last about 1 hour and 45 minutes. By the time it was all over with there was nothing left in my stomach but mucus. I was literally throwing up mucus.

This I am sure was perpetrated by the same bully that gave me a monstrous toothache that lasted three days. I ended up going to the emergency room and paying the $100 copay. I was diagnosed with an abscess but the pain went away as soon as I paid the 100.00 fee. I never took the antibiotics I was prescribed. The swelling went down almost immediately, but it left a boil on my gum that took a few more days to heal.

I know. TMI. If it weren’t that I know it is caused by a very sick criminal, I wouldn’t bother. This guy needs a hospital where they actually treat people for criminal insanity. Of course unless you are a doctor that believes in demonic possession and you know how to exercise the power of God to combat this, you would not be able to do this guy any good.

I think he may have been retaliating against me for an article I recently published at and also here on my blog. What I know is that he is a bully with an extreme case of narcissism.

Any prayer warriors out there? Do I have 10 people who will challenge the power of hell for the soul of this man?


I am puzzled often with a great conflict. I went searching the scripture for a solution. Jesus commands me to love my enemies. Yet in the psalms David wrestles with his enemies. David frequently asks for God’s justice to be executed on his enemies. Psalms 7 is a good example. He says, “My defense is on Elohim who saves the upright in heart. Elohim is a righteous judge; and El is angry with evil doers every day. If he (the evil doer) will not turn, He (El) will whet his sword; He will trod his bow, He made it ready; yea, He has fitted for him instruments of death. He will make ready His arrows for pursuers” (Psalms 7:10-13 HRB). God loves the sinner and hates sin. But the scripture is clear that there are people that God hates. Psalm 5:5-6 says, “The arrogant cannot stand in your presence.You hate all who do wrong; you destroy those who tell lies. The bloodthirsty and deceitful you, Lord, detest.” In Psalm 11:5-6 (NIV) we read, “The Lord examines the righteous,but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion. On the wicked he will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur; a scorching wind will be their lot.” The Proverbs lists what God hates,

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community” (Proverbs 6:16-19, NIV) .

And finally the prophet Hosea pronounces judgement on the Israelites because of their wickedness;

Because of all their wickedness in Gilgal, I hated them there. Because of their sinful deeds, I will drive them out of my house.I will no longer love them; all their leaders are rebellious. Ephraim is blighted, their root is withered, they yield no fruit. Even if they bear children, I will slay their cherished offspring.” My God will reject them because they have not obeyed him; they will be wanderers among the nations (Hosea 9:15-17 NIV).

There are men and women in this world who he hates because of their constant evil doing, yet if one of them turns and repents he will forgive. Case in point is King Manasseh who was a really wicked King. Manasseh was not only guilty of idolatry, but he put the Idols in the temple. That was an absolute act of contempt toward God. In 2Chronicles 33 the story is told of the wicked king who shed so much innocent blood that Judah was filled with it. He lead the people into the practice of witchcraft and he even sacrificed his sons on pagan alters. God judged him and the prophet announced the penalty. He was taken away in chains into captivity. The scripture says he got the picture. He figured out who was God and humbled himself and repented. God allowed him to return to Judah and he went about trying to undo the damage he had done. He was not able to cleanse Judah of the filth he had spread and he had lead the people astray! He was not able to retrain the people to whole heatedly return to God. However, as wicked a King as Manasseh was, he was wise enough to know he had better change his ways and God relented. The prophet Ezekiel tells us that God would rather the wicked repent then He have to judge them. “Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11).

We are all of us sinners, and without God’s grace and mercy we would not survive. However, there are people who honestly try to do the right things, though they may stumble and fumble at it. There are people who do wickedly because they unfortunately had an upbringing that was lacking and they really don’t know any better. Then there are people who absolutely know they are doing wrong and they do it with absolute defiance in their hearts. They are the people referred to in the Bible, in my opinion, as “the wicked”. I believe these are those referred to in Psalm 2. The Hebrew Roots Bible has an interesting translation of a familiar verse.

Why have the nations raged and the peoples are meditating on emptiness. The kings of the earth have placed themselves; yea, the rulers have plotted together against YAHWEH and Messiah saying, “We will break their bands in two, and throw off their cords from us”. He who sits in the Heavens shall laugh; Yahweh shall mock at them. Then he will speak to them in his anger, and in his anger he will terrify them; Yea, I have set my king on my Holy mount on Zion. Psalm 2: 2-5

There are people in our world today who are doing exactly what displeases God and they do it in defiance of him. They are doing exactly what the kings of the earth did in Psalm 2, throwing off the godly restraints of God’s laws. They hurt innocent people, and do what “they wilt” with complete disregard for the law of the land or the Law of God. The bully who attacks me is just such a person. However, if he would repent, God would forgive him completely. He reminds me of the man of the Gaderenes who Jesus delivered. In Mark 5 the story is told of a man so dull of evil spirits that he couldn’t be chained or contained. Yet because of his evil he was driven to the tombs to live among the dead. He wore no clothing. Yet Jesus drove the demons from him and restored him. People were stunned to see him sitting at Jesus feet, clothed and in his right mind. My bully may not be living in the tombs, but he is hiding from society as he covertly attacks me and probably many others. Like the man in the tombs, in his current state he cannot be chained or held accountable for his actions. But God sees him. As David says, God’s bow is at the ready. Yet, if he would be wise, as Manasseh King of Judah was, and humble himself before God and repent, Jesus would deliver him and restore him.

Still I am back to my original dilemma. Jesus commands me to love my enemies. In the psalms I hear David asking God to bring his enemies down.

Two verses come to mind.

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Luke 6:35-36 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

I believe I can safely conclude that God does not desire to execute judgement. He would prefer repentance. He waits patiently giving any individual pending judgement time to reconsider his actions. There is a point at which he finally says, ” Enough! No more delay!” and he releases his wrath.

While he waits, my enemy is raping me with an electromagnetic weapon almost daily. He sits behind a computer screen and hacks into an overhead satellite and accesses the onboard electromagnetic weapon system. The most awful thing about these weapons is that they can actually be used to control all your bodily functions from a remote point. Dr. John Hall, a physician from Lubbock Texas and author of A New Breed, gives his own account of being assaulted with EM weapons in exactly the same way. Fortunately his father was in Law Enforcement so he was able to get some assistance in disabling the EM weapon system on board the satellite. This didn’t completely stop the stalkers but it did hinder them somewhat. While God is waiting my enemy is burning me with microwaves while I sleep, giving me monstrous headaches, terrible muscle cramps etc. while my enemy attacks me, I wait for God’s kingdom to come.

So, I meant it. This man who attacks me is perishing. What if God changed him? Do I have 10 people who will pray?


If I had time to do this every day you might get a better idea of the daily issues with gang stalkers. But today I have to catch up.

This past week the rapist has been raping me electronically continuously day after day. I think the intensity increased because he is reacting in defiance to the fact that I asked people to pray for him. This typical of him. He typically reacts with fury any time I attempt to respond to him with kindness. He is the type of person who loves violence. He lives on hate. He is literally the kind if person who would laugh in your face if you tried to be kind to him. I hate what he does. He is the kind if man that enslaves women for selfish purposes. He does not like women who can think independently and make independent decisions.

He doesn’t just rape me, but he puts pressure on my bladder so that I have to get up to go to the bathroom all the time. I am going to the bathroom constantly all day long. This really disrupts my work. This man is a control addict. The electromagnetic weapon he uses is very capable of manipulating and controlling all bodily functions, and he lives to play with it. Unfortunately because of the constant raping I bleed.

He has or one of his gang members has been hacking into the computer system at my place if business. This is dangerous because it of course affects our business. I work on a system called FACS. There are accounts I work every day and they have account #s. I keep a list of all the accounts I have worked and I was looking over my accounts. I was copying and pasting account numbers in the process. However, for example I copied account # 765438 and I pasted it into FACS so I could review the account. But instead of getting account # 765438 I got account # 795361. So I copied account # 765438 again then pasted it in FACS. Then I got account # 750063. When it happened a 3rd time I gave up and hand copied the account # to get to the right account. Also I make between 150 and 200 calls a day and usually set up between 5 and 10 accounts. I worked a half a day Saturday and made 175 calls and made not one contact and no accounts set up.

Unfortunately these unscrupulous gang stalkers influence businesses to cooperate with their stuff and are therefore corrupting businesses. Recently my mother and I decided to grab us a quick bite to eat at Rally’s before we headed to church. We had gotten some coupons in the mail and decided to use them. We each had a coupon for a $1.99 for a sandwich fries and a drink. We each order sweet tea with our meal. They charged my mother $1.94 and the charged me $2.06 though we both had a coupon for the same price. When I questioned the man at the window he said it was because there is tax on anything with sugar in it so there was tax on my drink because I ordered sweet tea. That was Rally’s on the corner of Karl and 161.

My mother and I decided we were tired of paying so much money for Cable TV and Internet service, so we decided to call another company. So we got a flyer in the mail for another company with a better deal, we thought. So I called. When the representative if the Dish Network answered the phone I explained what we wanted and he said, “Okay, let me transfer you to a sales rep.” The call was transferred. I explained what we wanted and the Rep on the other end of the phone said, “Okay, let me transfer you to a sales rep.” The call was transferred. I spoke to the third person who said, “Okay, let me transfer you to a sales rep.” The call was transferred again and the same thing happened and I hung up. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. She laughed when I told her what happened, then she transferred my call to someone else who transferred me to someone else. When I finally got to talk to someone who was actually able to do something, the offer they made me was ridiculous.

I went to Rouse Hardware in Westerville because I was trying to find an adapter to hook my garden hose up to my facet. I needed someone to help me find what I was looking for. I talked to one man at the cash register who told me to look in aisle 9 where the plumbing stuff was. I didn’t know what to look for so I went looking for someone to help me. I hollered for someone on the back room and he said, “I’ll be with you in a minute.” I waited and waited and he never came out. So I went to the desk and there was a man there helping another man with purchasing one of those edge trimmers. So I waited very patiently. And I waited and I waited and the employee did not even acknowledge my prescience to ask me what I needed then he walked off with the man who was purchasing the edge trimmer without saying boo to me.

Of course I always have trouble with car repairs. I have been going to Goodyear in Westerville. I had to pay them over $400.00 to repair the broken door handles. When the stalkers dropped my muffler, the guy at the Auto repair place in Schrock rd charged me $125.00 just to pay for the bracket to reattach the muffler. The first time the stalkers dropped my muffler, I went to Monroe and they charged me $85 to replace the entire muffler and bracket.


When I was in grade school, I was often dismayed by he behavior of children who seemed to take delight in causing innocent children pain. I never understood such senseless cruelty. I was not one of them. Being cruel was not ever my cup of tea. I was raised on the good book. There hasn’t ever been a single human being in my entire life that I have ever really hated. In fact I often feel very compassionate even toward people who have been very unkind to me without cause.

However, not on my life have I ever encountered a personality as cruel and irrational as this very sick bully who keeps raping me. I have never met the man face to face, at least I hope not. He is absolutely on a power trip, but he is an absolute coward. The only way is filthy human being could accomplish what is he doing to me is by sitting behind a computer screen hacking into a satellite and attaching his beam to me all day long. That is exactly what this filthy slime has been doing all day. Even when I am at church this sick pervert has to have his hand in my crotch. It’s all electronic. I can absolutely feel this lusty malicious mind of his and I can see him curling up his lip. He has a permanent sneer fixed to his face. He has an attitude about women that is just sick. He thinks hat women are supposed to be stupid lap dogs whose sole purpose in life is to satisfy his sick desires.

He has a tude to beat the band. I recently planted some sun flowers in my flower bed. I started them from seed and when they got big enough I put the, in the ground. I had about six of them, red and yellow. I went out he next day to check on them and he had snapped off the tops of the two largest plants. Some of my flowers have turned brown and died for no reason. Did he urinate on them? I had three beautiful roses blooming on my rose bush and somehow all the petals fell off.

This is the kind if sick perversion that our government has loosed on our streets.

I work as being a compassionate person. I am a Christian and I take my faith seriously. I am wondering what anyone else would be feeling and thinking in my position, especially since City Council seems to want to pretend this isn’t happening, lawyers have their heads buried in the ground and the church has been silent. My only consolation is the number of other authors who have been through similar things and have written about it. We stand as vocal witnesses against a government that has become absolutely belligerent.

I am certain that this man is redeemable. I am also certain he will reap what he has sewn.


If I had time to do this every day you might get a better idea of what has been happening. I will try to update as much as possible. Of course these stalkers are watching my finances and I had a month with three paychecks so they knew I was going to have some extra cash. Therefore they dropped my muffler again. I just replaced the bracket on the muffler two years ago. It was totally replaced five years before that the first time they dropped the muffler. The second time I could see the shiny edge on the bracket where they cut it through. This time it was very rusty but what they may have done was replace the new bracket i bought two years ago with a rusty older part. They have been know to steal car parts and replace them with faulty parts before. They did that twice to two batteries that were in perfect condition. This time it cost me almost $400 to replace the muffler. This is a Toyota Corolla with barely 270,000 miles on it and I have replaced the brakes several times, the break lines twice, the battery twice, the muffler twice and the catalytic converter is going bad. Most likely they swapped out the converter with a bad one and took the good one. Not too long ago I had to replace two broken door handles which cost me over $400.00.

They are still raping me continuously electronically. For the past several nights they have been electronically manipulating my dreams with sexually filthy material. I am sick to death of this filthy rapist. I never give in to him. That’s what bugging him I think. Or maybe it’s that there are people in this world who do not worship sex. Sane rational people don’t. This person or persons are sick. They really are. Unfortunately from reports around the world it appear to me that there is a very sick sex cult attempting to take control of the entire planet.

I have been working on another book for the past two years and am close to publication. They are again putting errors in the manuscript trying to delay publication.

I recently remembered one of them coming to my door and asking me to support their “cause”. I did not know anything about criminal gang-staling at the time. The man that showed up at my door was short in stature, slightly overweight, white and a little unshaven. He was dressed in casual jeans etc. He asked me if I would be willing to donate to their cause. I asked him what it was for. He said, “We harass people who commit a crime like pedophiles to keep them in line.” I advised him that was not something I would want to be party to. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. It would simply not be something a believer should ever be party to. He replied, “But it’s for a good cause.” I remember telling him that I don’t believe in harassing people even if they did commit some kind of crime. That would not be an appropriate response from my point of view. I remember feeling a pang of compassion at that moment. I could not imagine ever doing something hurtful even if it were someone who had committed a crime. I did not know anything about gang-stalking at the time. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that what he does is criminal and someone needs to keep and his companions in line.


Daily constant raping. Pretty much all day long and especially on Wednesdays and Sundays. Constant mind games. Constant hammering with microwave on my nerves trying to unhinge me. I am a pretty stable person and because I know how to recognize the signs of microwave emotional manipulation I can pretty much ignore it. It is literally a game of mind over matter or mind over stalker. I am a blessed woman and God is close to me. I woke up this morning with a worship song going through my head. It brought me such peace.

Blew a tire while I was on my way to Church Sunday night. Had to stop on the highway and change the tire. My spare did not have any air in it. So I had to drive with it flat to the nearest gas station to get air in it. It was okay after that. Funny how problems like that with my car always seem to happen on Sunday when I want to go to church. I am telling you these stalkers don’t want me to go to church. So far they have dropped my muffed twice and both times It was Sunday when I needed to go to church. This time a tire blew while we were on the way to church Sunday night.

They cut the tops off of a couple of my sunflowers. They poisoned my impatiens so they died. I have no idea who these people are or this person is but I have never in my life encountered such absolute irrational malice. You have to work at hating anyone that much. It is so irrational, and so illogical. This is what happens when people get involved in covert ops and they think they aren’t going to be held accountable for their behavior. I am amazed. I am sure I don’t know these people. I have not in my life ever met anyone who was that full of malice.

15 December 2015

It has been a long time since I worked on this blog.  My mother moved in with me last November and this has presented me with some time challenges.  I still work full time, I have recently published another book and I have two more in the publication process.  In addition to that I am trying to support my 81 year old mother.  It has not been easy to keep track of it all.

I have also had a continuous problem with constant electronic rape.  The stalkers who are stalking me display behavior consistent with those of a satanic cult.  The are simply belligerent and sexually very perverted.  They also display behavior that would indicate that have a profound disrespect for women in general which leads me to believe they are also traffickers.  They are sadomasochistic and simply take delight in causing people pain.  They also have been hammering me with DEW in the area of my emotional life, but I remain a very stable person.  I continue to attend church on Sunday and to their consternation I am still a professing believer.

I am on Facebook and I have multiple friends on FB who are also being targeted.  My friend Jewel Krayon is being blasted with V2K regularly.  Others are being electronically tortured physically.  Brian Tew, who no longer communicates with me has been seeking political asylum in multiple countries.  Recently he went to the Soviet Union.  He has been having significant struggles with being electronically harassed in the area of his heart and longs.  He exposed CIA operatives committing a crime, and they are holding him to death.  He is also a believer in Jesus Christ. My  FB friend H. Michael Sweeney who is a private investigator and author of several books including The Professional Paranoid is now living out of his car.  At last report he was saving funds to purchase a lot on which to put his little trailer.  He has no internet access now which is very sad.  He regularly communicated the the TI community on FB and I recently got an email he sent to his TI friends to let us know he was okay.  He had a publishing business which went down the tubes because he had no internet access.  He has been very supportive of the TI community.  Marguerite Elsbeth has been struggling to keep basic life supports up because of constant vandalism by stalkers in Ruidoso NM.   Elizabeth Jane Buchanan has recently moved to a location where she is not harassed so much.  She is relieved and we are relieved for her.

I am looking forward to making this blog visible again.  It is a lot of work and I don’t have a lot of time anymore, but this issue has to be exposed for what it is – criminal exploitation of very decent law abiding citizens.


I am experiencing constant electronic sexual assault. I also regularly experience painful cramps in my feet usually just before I go to bed, diarrhea at certain specific times, etc. I have experienced eye pain and tooth pain.

My 81 year old mother Is also being assaulted with DEW
It is pretty scary sometimes and she does not realize what is happening to her.


  1. Bridget , Nice blog . I saw that you are a veteran. We’re you tortured in the military? I used to go to the enlisted club and have a few beers with my buds —-Turns out they were not my friends. They were informants and OKperps. After 2 beers they would drug me My drugged behavior made others believe i.was an alchoholic. They also hid cameras in shower an.d bathroom stalls . Now, no one goes to the E clubs anymore because the sn itches are there . T hey wait for people to drink and do.something foolish.
    I would not go to the VA for anything . They cannot even bury soldiers properly—-and that is when they are TRYING to be legitimate servants . If they are flipped , you may not survive their “help”.

    • There are still faithful loyal soldiers out there and vets who still care about their country. “Once a soldier always a soldier.” I was not targeted in the military to my knowledge, but it started I think just before I left.

      God bless.

    • Don’t know if I replied or not. I was not tortured in the military, but I worked for the NSA for awhile. I am sure that is where the targeting started. It took me a lot of years to figure it out. I don’t drink either. But they can poison anything. Take care.

  2. Bridget,

    I am a three year victim of these crimes against humanity. I am being harassed in all way possible. They use V2k, remote neural monitoring, gang stalking, electronic weaponry, engineered dreams, “spooking” my TV, internet and radio consumption. Their goal is to drive me into homelessness, severe my ties with my boyfriend, isolate me from friends and family, leave me destitute, and more. It sounds like you also have a lot of the weaponry targeting. That’s the worst. I am so sorry that you are going through this. And, the fact that these criminals would hurt your 80-year-old mother, is utterly disgusting. That shows what psychopaths these people really are.

    I first noticed I was being stalked while living in a different location 2.5 years ago. They attempted to make me believe (through the use of electronic weaponry and voice projections that only I could hear) that my neighbors were involved. They would make it seem like people were looking for me at my door and asking if I lived there in addition to the sound of stomping up and down the stairs at all hours. I heard a voice (in another apartment I thought then) say, “someone gave me a copy of her phone.” I knew they had access to all of my information and they had also hacked into my private laptop (while I was writing a word doc chronicling the harassment activities). The things they have done to me are not believable to most people. They have even utilized holographic projections to make me see things that weren’t actually there, to scare me of course.

    The try to keep me as sleepless as possible. In the beginning days, they did this by waking me up in the middle of the night by shining a stream of light (must have been laser of some sort) directly into my eyes. I would also awake suddenly with a feeling on intense dread and doom only to hear them imitating voices to sound like monsters and demons.

    These people study and vet you before they start the harassment. They know your fears and play heavily on those, creating personalized harassment schemes to create as much confusion, fear, anxiety, and disorder in your life as they possibly can. Sickos!

    Anyway, I would love to get into touch with you to talk more about our harassment, share stories and experiences. One of the only things that can help us is finding support amongst other victims who know first hand what this is like. I can be reached via my email at I would also be open to speaking at some point, if you liked. Hope to talk soon!



  3. Organized Gang Stalking and Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.

    Great work exposing them. keep it up.
    Please visit my Youtube Channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ and click on the PLAYLISTS section to see Playlist ‘Dr John Hall interiews’ and Playlist OSInformers

  4. sorry for anonymous reply but i feel you should protect yourself and your home by buying a reflective car windshield cover (2 taped together to cover yourself when under microwave attack also hone locks arent enough you must secure all windoes doors and attic entrances and for the diir you exit from : if you have a security screen door take one lock out and use that opening to insert a bike lock with a combination lock , wrap it around interior door knob and pull throu and wrap around security screen door knob, it works if you dont have a screen door then install part of a chane lock near your doorknob on the outside and lock the chain around the doorknob with a combonation padlock keep up tge good fight of faith remembering that we run the race with patience and read psalms everyday David was stalked and attempted to be murdered and God delivered him and will deliver you abd me and all targets eventually God bless you you are chosen

    • I use shower curtain rods to block my doors. Problem is keeping them out when I am not home. I really haven’t had any problems with them trying to get in when I am home. Not sure but I don’t think the police in my community let them get away with as much. They can’t directly intervene, but I think they have done what they can. You keep up the good fight too. Don’t give up and don’t give in. God bless you.

  5. Hey Bridget,

    Let me know if you want to corroborate evidence or prepare a letter to city council from the victims. I particularly would like any cruiser numbers or FD numbers that have stalked you. I can tell you that you were gassed (in gangstalking parlance ‘fumigated’) once in your former apartment when you got hyperosmic i.e. heightened sense of smell. That’s a compound they’ve been testing all over the US. It’s similar to some nerve agent and nerve agent antagonists in effect. The symptoms wear off after 34 hours of fresh air.

    Anyway, feeling better now after a 4 month sickness from the after effects of that stuff. Let me know if you want to take some real action against the City of Columbus.


  6. Hello Bridget,

    I’m in Columbus too. I’ve suffered all you suffered. I’m also ex government.

    Hope you’re still among the living. I don’t anticipate a long life but I can help you to live a bit longer. Not sure I want a long life after what I’ve been through.

    I know much of what you and your mom are suffering from and it is treatable. It’s a chemically induced inflammatory disease. It’s all through your body but most painful in your sinus cavities and eyes. You will need a cocktail of antihistamines and prednisone. The most powerful you can get for about a month. Then it will get better provided you aren’t living in an apartment where they can continue pumping that stuff in. Move into a free standing house with non-targets. They can’t sanction you easily there. Believe me they will try but it’s a lot harder for them.

    Your adrenaline and heart rate are probably hitting the roof too compensate for the histamine. A beta blocker might be in order but the antihistamines should bring it down.

    If you leave your mother alone she will be victimized while you’re away. They will stop at nothing to hurt both of you.

    You can work with the VA provided you tell them exactly the pills you want. Don’t let them misdiagnose you -because they are ordered to put you in a psychiatric ward if you even hint at what was really done. They are under orders to destroy any anti government witnesses’ credibility. They know. Believe me they know. I found out the hard way with a civilian doctor. They will shove you in a psychiatric ward and torture you there- until you promise to shut up. That is how the government really works. I think you know better than me.

    Please help your mom. Give her H1,H2 anti-inflammatories and hormones both. They killed my mom the same way. Of that , I’m certain now. If I’d known what I know now she would have been fine. They probably killed others in my family before her. I hate them. I’ll always hate them because I worked for the government 20 years and I know the depths of their depravity. They make me sick thinking about their constant lying ,cowardice and how they set me up.


    If that doesn’t work then post here that it didn’t. I’ll try to live as long as I can to help the victims.

    • In case you’re all wondering. I’m not a perp. F.y.i..I was driven from my job, my home and quite nearly from this world by gang stalking State of Ohio Employees ,recruited neighbors and quite a lot of meth heads and thugs as hired help but I’m not telling you anything new here am I?

      Here are the inflammatory/hay fever symptoms you experienced plus the hyperosmia another TI experienced in SF. It should be familiar. You described the similar thing.

      He burned up the carrier solvent if any this way:

      Ok, a minority of TI’s according to Eleanor White, whom I’ve had conversations with, experience chemical harassment. In fact, I’d say a majority just don’t have the technical means to differentiate whether they were on the receiving end of nuclear, biological, chemical or electromagnetic weapons. In Russia, for instance , they often use radiological means to dispose of government employees who displease a superior. Happens all the time there-including the one case that made it to the Mainstream western media. In Europe it’s electronic and here in the good’ole USA it’s a lot of the old school terror stalker hicks from small towns using off the shelf chemicals and irritants. Stuff you get at Lowes or from your friendly local meth chemist.

      So the basics of protection . Have a Chinese made cheap GHZ radio spectrum analyzer–about $200 on amazon reads the frequencies coming in the home. Keep a signal log-at least the frequencies you read. If that’s the case build a chicken wire faraday cage and Ground IT! to the ground! Make sure the phone shows 1 bar. If you’re cage works, then it will block the DEWS-if they’re using those. Make sure the chicken wire or screen is wrapped from one piece then ground the piece. YOu will need to solder it cleanly and pass a wire to a cold water pipe or a spike. Don’t make it piece meal and don’t have holes or just forget it.

      A geiger counter about $50–all over ebay. Heavy metal testing if they use Arsine gas –$20 all over amazon. For the stuff we’ve both been exposed to lately– I’d suggest professional toxicology. Riverside currently has a world class computer toxicology system that’s in Beta testing –which I’m not able to utilize due to the fact it’s impossible to get a referral for that. Please get one if you can. Say you got accidentally exposed to pesticide which isn’t far from the truth. Tell them you lost the can. Don’t tell them -the truth. It won’t work. Don’t get drug or heavy metal screen. It’s not going to show anything and that’s cheaper to do by yourself. You need lipid and mitochondrial comprehensive toxicology if you’ve even got a hope in hell.

      A few more obvious caveats:
      1.) Never ever tell law enforcement you are a TI. They all know. Believe me, they know and they know you know and so does
      1/2 the Columbus city government.
      2.) Never ever tell your doctor what’s really going on–or they lock you up for 72 hours–before I had a clue I was locked up.
      3.) If #2 happens get 2 psychiatric evaluations from someone you trust.
      4.) If you are exposed to chemicals mostly you will have inflammatory diseases-most TI’s in fact report inflammatory diseases-so
      get powerful anti-inflammatories. Common sense. If you can do chelation it might save the liver from liver cancer later. Another common ailment of the TI crowd and people the G’s don’t like(remember Noriega, remember Jack Ruby…hmm….)
      5.) Create cool flyers . Post them all over the place. Get’s folks talking and scares the sh** out of the trailer trash perps-and the professional ones too!
      6.) Airline people –watch out for those. They’ll make you drop a flight or lose your bags or fumigate you on a flight. They are all affiliated for obvious reasons. I can’t stand them. They’re worst over at Chicago O’hare home of the dear leader.
      7.) Be nice to the police–most of them know not what they do. I wasn’t and presto! I became a TI. Same for the FBI and a big up yours to the NSA and another agency I won’t speak of.

      I think the best protection is to remember you are a soldier and you are in combat with a deadly enemy and it’s fate . You can’t change fate sometimes. Remember, Evil seeks out the light to snuff it out and you are the light. They are darkness, filth and hopelessness- so no matter how sick, how hopeless, how isolated –FIGHT BACK!

      • Hey Temporarily,

        I am too a victim of gang stalking, organized harassment and all the evil that comes along with those things. I have also been poisoned by my harassers with pesticides and other things I cannot name. I believe they were poisoning me via pumping gasses into my apartment at the time. This apartment seemed especially designed for harassment, in fact. It wasn’t hard to find the source of the gasses, throughout my walls and ceilings, I found small round metal plates, in groups of two, with tiny holes in the middle of each plate. These little plates were evenly distributed on the walls and ceilings. I took still have a photo but I have never really been able to figure out just what kind of “system” this was. It’s so hard to believe, but I think they actually arranged the course of my life so that my BF and I would move into this apartment that had been tailored to harass (mostly me),

        I have since moved and as you well know, these criminals have not stopped, only continued with the invasive and pervasive BS. You mentioned always smelling the strong scent of baby powder. I am also harassed daily via odors. I often encounter thick clouds of strong perfume or cologne, the smell or urine, unidentifiable chemicals and more. They used to harass with the odors of pneumonia, Simple Green cleaner and strawberry gum. I don’t know if these are just simple odor harassments or if they could be using these smells to cover up poisonous chemicals they are putting into my space.

        I am also harassed via V2k and have been for just over two years. This is a direct verbal two-way communication between me and my perpetrators all day and night. They imitate children’s voices and voices of family members to taunt me. They mumble nonsense and call me names minute to minute. I consider them simple annoyances. I am no longer very sensitized to their ploys.

        I have no history of mental illness or anything like that. I am a women in my mid-30s with a long-term relationship (going n the whole time I have been harassed and stalked). These days, my perps are mostly harassing me with the use if V2k, remote neural monitoring, odors, engineered dreams, electronic weaponry and NLP. I don’t notice much “gang stalking” on the street any more. Although, it’s likely I am just so accustomed to it that I naturally ignore. I very rarely show a reaction to anything they do.

        Their main goal is to show me how powerful they are by involving themselves and their ploys into everything in my life and I mean EVERYTHING. They also like me to feel physically uncomfortable 24/7. True psychopaths these are.

        I would love to be in touch with you to discuss our experiences and share info, if you are open to that. My email address if I would be open to phone talking at some point as well. I have tried to get into contact with other victims but had little luck as I believe my outgoing email must be being redirected by the stalkers.

        Hope to be in touch!


      • Sasha,

        As a real fumigation victim, I can tell you that ‘small metal plates’ are unnecessary and the baby powder ‘smells’ in Mr. Brown’s case above were coincidental with his poisoning by a now banned chlorophenol fungicide. In other words, the chemical provokes an allergy, usually in a closed apartment, and the so-called ‘smell’ is introduced and anchored to it. That way, the same allergic reaction can be provoked -anywhere with the smell- minus the chemical. That’s why he says over and over he smelled ‘baby-powder’. An elegant and deniable solution for gang stalking perps.

        Google di-chlorophenol it if you don’t believe me. It’s not the exact chemical , because for public safety reasons, I won’t post it here. However, it’s chemically similar. It’s important not to provoke copy-cat crimes.

        As far as V2k, have not had the experience yet -however a simple grounded faraday cage made of chicken wire could go a long way towards blocking any signals when you’re sleeping-in spite of what “Dr. Duncan” says about them. I say to “Dr. Duncan” from FFCHS to show his credentials for a change.

        I can prove police stalking & fumigation crimes though. I just use a DVR dash cam and hidden cam for the former and got toxicology for the latter.

        for the truth instead of government disinformation lies.

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