Law Enforcement and Gang-Stalking

Targeted individuals in general do not trust the local police. Current documentation on the subject would indicate that Law Enforcement is not supportive of victims of OVS. In fact it would appear that the local police actually support stalkers. Stalkers also impersonate police and may even drive around in cars that look like official police vehicles. On the surface, the situation is pretty grim.

When things began to unravel for me in Knox Co. Ohio, the Sherif’s deputies were not at all user friendly. I was baffled by their attitude. In fact I made a trip to the Sherif’s department to follow up on a report I had submitted with pictures of footprints in my carpet that were obviously not mine. The detective I talked to actually looked at me and said, ” Now if you’re going to try to tell me that someone’s put a contract out on your life, I’m going to have a real problem with that.” I had never said any such thing, and the thought had never crossed my mind. I was an ordinary social worker and I had no enemies who I knew would be willing to do something that evil. When you do what I did, you are bound to run into people who don’t like you or are suspicious of you or even a little paranoid. However, I had never done anything in or out of the line of duty that should have incited that kind of wrath – at least not from your average person. Later research would reveal to me the reason for the detective’s attitude. He likely knew exactly what was happening, and he was playing the game – on the wrong side of the law.

Over a period of about 4 to 5 years, I read enough material to convict Uncle Sam of murder, larceny, numerous sex related crimes, drug trafficking, sex trafficking etc. I doubt there is even one law that public officials in this country have not violated. What I learned was that there are wealthy powerful people who all belong to a group who have an agenda for world domination. They have kept it secret for centuries and have passed the secret down generation by generation to their children who have all become committed to the same secret. To their end, they have painstakingly and silently infiltrated the United States government to the point that they now have complete control. They, of course, perceive themselves above the law. They believe in no right or wrong except for the right of the superior to rule the inferior, and they perceive themselves as superior. They will stop at nothing to maintain their control and that includes outright destruction of the lives of innocent people. “They” also control Law Enforcement.

If you are an average Cop on the street, you may or may not understand the agenda of the Elite Establishment. You may have been an honest and sincere person who simply wanted to do something positive for your community. When you went through your training, there were probably a lot of things you were not told. You learned to obey orders because that was the right thing to do, and you respected your superiors. I am not on the inside circle of law enforcement, but I can imagine the disillusionment that can set in when the politicking starts to take the place of good police work. Because when a cop who is serious about dong his job begins to get close the the root of any criminal network, sooner or later he is going to run smack dab into a corrupted public official who has the power to absolutely ruin his life. The problem for the good cop is that the corrupted web supports the criminal and does not support him. The corruption is woven right into the warp and woof of the organization he works for. The web is pervasive, and the cop sooner or later realizes that there are few people if any that he can honestly trust. If he wants to do his job and stay on his feet, he has to sometimes pretend he is not doing his job. That makes him look bad, and he in fact takes the hit for things he cannot control. And of course there are cops who are simply bad, who don’t care. They are on the inside of the conspiracy. The bad cops don’t walk around sporting a red suit with horns and a fork tail. They look just like the good cops. You can’t tell them apart.

I have had a relationship with one or two in law enforcement in my lifetime. They were decent people and I admire them. I know that targeted individuals are disappointed with law enforcement in general. I would ask you to remember that they are all of them just ordinary human beings, wether they are good or bad cops. Human beings were all of them created in the image of God. In that regard cops who are human need the same things any human being needs. They need food and shelter. They need companionship, love and support. They need people to believe in them and they need us to forgive them when they fail to be absolutely perfect. They also need us to be on our knees in prayer for them because they are at war. They fight a war we can’t see with our eyes and they can easily become casualties. They and their families need people to come along side of them and hold then up.

If you are a targeted individual, keep your eyes on the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave his life to save his friends as well as his enemies. Indeed, he died to make friends of his enemies. TIs are carrying a cross that those on the outside don’t understand. In that regard, we have something much in common with men in women in uniform. Remember them with kindness.


  1. I turned 50 earlier this year. For half a century I have been so caught up in my self-obsession and thinking life was about me, my comfort,my pain, etc. and when i found it not too inconvenient, I sometimes gave an effort toward finding God. Afterall, I was not only a Christian; but the son of a preacher. Like a child mesmerized by the magician, i fell for all the tricks our government has played over the years…, until i became the object of gang-stalking in my immediate community. I thought it was law enforcement and was so wrapped up in the distraction, I didn’t realize they were really interested in something else. I so appreciate people like yourself having the courage to post online your experiences and help enlighten me as to what is really going on. It’s like contracting a sexually transmitted disease that is fatal. My only relationships will soon be those I meet online that share my affliction. The increasing number of people being targeted in this country should actually began to work to our potential benefit if we stand together and fight this as a “many” rather than as individuals. We are now at war against … our own government?? Regardless, we are at war. I don’t see much future for any of use, even our handlers, but am willing to stand with any other of the TI’s in support.

  2. I’m not going to let law enforcement off the hook on this one. They’re in it up to their eyeballs gang stalking with their vehicles, setting innocent people up for crimes or organizing local assets to disrupt and destroy lives – just like they did with COINTELPRO 45 years earlier. It was proved then and it will be proven again:

  3. There are many books on the subject of Gang-Stalking corruption that you are referring to. Millions of Americans deal with it in their lives everyday and some for many years. Some people call it America’s dirty little secret. Its a vicious crime that ruins people’s lives and their families. Books like “Gang-Stalking” “The Targeted Individual” “Cause-Stalking” “Closing the Gap’ “The Hidden Evil” & many other books like them, tell about millions of people’s experiences with organized corrupted stalking groups that intimidate, harass, persecute, get them fired from their jobs, make up criminal behavior police reports about them to get them prosecuted,& incarcerated so they can be silenced for speaking about the illegal corruption they have seen & spoken about. They will even move people into homes around your home and come outside and tell you about the conversations you are having in your home with your family. It’s a very unpleasant invasion of your privacy, and it eats at you. That’s their goal is to destroy you. You have stood against corruption, like I have, or unveiled it to authorities, and now they are going to ruin your life, the best way they can. Millions of people are pleading for help from Government authorities for what is being done to them, but it just falls on deaf ears. Why do you think these books exist? They’re telling people’s horrific stories that have been done to them and their families. People are not receiving any help from Government authorities. There is too much corruption in its own administrations. Check out these books and others like them. Read Dr. Les Sachs and Faqs on U.S Judicial and Legal corruption. You will learn the way the American legal system really works. What I have written here is what I have experienced as a Targeted Individual for speaking about the corruption done to me and my family. It’s a very evil condition that exists here in America, and that plagues people’s lives and ruins them.

    • I have read the Hidden Evil and multiple other books like it because I am a target and I researched the issue. I also have had no luck getting law enforcement to respond, however I don’t want to say they never respond because they may act covertly in my favor. I am pretty sure though that one of the people who set mr up was a member of law enforcement. I still believe there are good cops out there who really care, but they are stuck with an incredibly corrupted criminal injustice system. Every cop can’t take the rap for that. There are good cops out there, but they have to be silent if they try to help.

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