The Church in the Last Days

                                             Restoring a Lost Brother

I am a You Tuber, and recently I reviewed a You Tube presentation by a pastor who was concerned with a number of high profile Christians who have apparently defected to the Luciferians.  That is a serious concern. I share the presenters concern, but I have another concern.

I am disturbed by a number of reports that declare that Billy Graham, an evangelical icon, is a Freemason who has fooled the evangelical crowd.  Rick Warren, author of A Purpose Driven Life, is now a member of that politically errant secret society the Council of Foreign Relations.  He apparently upset the evangelical church when he abandoned the Defense of Marriage act in deference to his homosexual friends.  That popular Christian music artist, Michael W. Smith, has reportedly turned Luciferian and is leading the young crowd astray.  A number of other high profile ministers are being labeled “false prophets” because of the gestures they used during presentation.  I am reminded of our Savior standing on the pinnacle of the Jewish house of worship while Satan promised him the world in exchange for his worship.  The significance of that is a profound warning to those in Christian leadership.

What bothers me is that the church at large sits unaware of the grave danger the occult currently poses to us.  It is too easy to point at someone like Michael W. Smith and gasp with pointing fingers  I am inclined to be broken hearted and prostrate before the Almighty.  I am disturbed that leaders of the caliber of those mentioned above can be broken and lead astray or even be deceivers from the start. It causes me to examine myself with sober judgment.

In the past seven years of my life I have regularly encountered raw evil.  When things first began to happen to me I was baffled so I started to research, and what I learned was horrifying.  I am being actively targeted by a cult that has demonstrated tactics that are purely satanic though they act covertly so that I never see them.  It is no picnic.  The modern day cult is in bed with the US Intelligence Community.  Therefore they have access to some high tech mind control weapons, biological and chemical agents as well as expertise in the art of psychological warfare. They also have surveillance capabilities so you can’t even have a private thought let alone a private conversation.  They have been trained in covert operations and have the fine art of destroying a human life covertly down to a science – literally.  The worst part about these people is that they don’t look any different than anyone else.  But they have a bone chilling world view, a frightening agenda and a knack for deceiving people. The war they fight is invisible.  Therefore those they attack rarely comprehend the beast that is trampling them into the ground.  You can’t fight back when you don’t even know you have to.

So, your health can deteriorate without any known cause because they sent you a germ or sent you some other poisonous substance through food in your refrigerator or even through the air vents in your home.  You can find yourself constantly depressed for multiple reasons not the least of which are electromagnetic weapons that are used to manipulate your mind, emotions, central nervous system and all bodily functions.   Your friends and associates can throw you a cold shoulder for no apparent reason because someone sent them a juicy bit of gossip. You can lose your job when you really didn’t deserve too.  Your spouse can absolutely give up on you, and you can be absolutely convinced that God has abandoned you.  You may have almost nothing left to stand on before you finally realize that you are a target of a cult.  If you ask someone at your church to pray for you, they may actually have the nerve to tell you to have faith because God is going to protect you.  I’ve been there.
The cult is deliberately targeting high profile Christian leaders because they want trophies.  They have an agenda for world domination and they use force.  Taking down high profile leaders is one way to intimidate the populace.  This is psychological warfare. It may be an absolute fact that a number of these high profile leaders were deceivers from the beginning.  The cult may be choosing to reveal the truth about their deception at this pivotal point in history to damage the credibility of the church.  This may have the effect of dissuading people from becoming believers, and also discouraging those of the faith.  What we must do as believers is avoid hero worship.  We are too often giving homage to spiritual leaders that is due only to God.  People are flesh and flesh is weak. Spiritual leaders stand by grace, but they can fall.  Too much of the time spiritual leaders become socially and emotionally isolated by virtue of their position.  That poses a great danger to their spiritual well being.

The other reason the occult is targeting anyone and everyone they can target is that there are more of us then there are of them. They use force to enslave people in their cults to boost their numbers and they use force to keep tight fisted control of them because they are so brutal that nobody would otherwise want to remain.   An Illuminati defector who goes by the pseudonym “Svali” stated in an interview “Most of them are wounded, abused victims, who don’t realize that it is possible to leave the group. There is a lot of discontent in the ranks, and there would be a mass exodus if the members believed it were really possible to get out (and live)” (Makow, 2006).  Svali grew up in the Illuminati cult and she also grew up in the church. She taught in a Christian school. There was also a blog written by a stalker who confessed that leaving the “syndicate” as he called it came with grave peril.  He was deceived into joining and once inside could not get out without tremendous personal sacrifice including his marriage and the safety of his wife (anonymous, 2011).  Throughout his statement he refers to the “Supreme Council” which is the 33rd level of Freemasonry.

We have an admonition in scripture that says “Brothers, if any man among you goes before you in error, you who are in the Spirit restore him by the spirit of gentleness and beware, lest temptation also comes upon you” (Galatians 1:6 Hebraic Roots Bible (HRB) ).  Before the end we may all of us find ourselves with our backs up against a cross.  A shallow faith will either deepen or dissolve.  We make a choice.  Those that target me wanted me to abandon my faith.  I am held by the love and grace of the Holy Spirit as he gently reminds me of the one who went before me.  I am flesh.  I cling to that old rugged cross because I know what’s coming.  But my strength can fail.  I hope for grace during those times when I am too weak to stand.  I have been under electromagnetic influence and felt my stalkers trying to force me to mentally abandon my faith. I hung on.  I have felt them trying to convince me that God has abandoned me.  I hung on.  Though no one in my church has yet to understand the reality of what stalkers are really doing to people, I go to church and worship every Sunday.  I worship knowing that no one there but God understands what is happening to me and no one shares this cross with me.  I hang on.  Before we go gasping as those of the faith who have apparently gone to the other camp, we had better come to an understanding of the enemy that devours.  “For by grace you are saved, through faith, and this is not of yourselves; it is the gift of YAHWEH” (Ephesians 2:8, HRB).

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Harry Potter V.S. the Evangelical Church

Harry Potter V.S. the Evangelical Church

Several years ago a single mother, jobless and newly divorced decided to put her creative energies to work so she could provide for herself and her infant child. So she sat in a coffee shop making notes on a paper napkin. She eventually published her first volume in the Harry Potter series, The Sorcerer’s stone. Her first book was a hit, and the crowd demanded more. However her talent was hit with a blight of hot criticism from the evangelical church in America. She was very offended and disappointed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch of the land of the brave and the home of the free, I got curious about Harry Potter now an aspiring star gaining popularity. So I read Harry Potter, and I loved him. Now what to do about all the controversy. Good question. I am a conservative evangelical and among my “people” those books were taboo. I am glad that I live in a country where free speech is still allowed – occasionally. I have given much thought to the trouble with Harry Potter.

The thing that offended evangelicals was the whole idea of teaching children to practice witchcraft. That is a frightening thought. That caused a huge hiccup with the church. From a Biblical perspective it makes sense because in the Old Testament the practice of witchcraft came with a death penalty. However when you examine what these children were actually being taught, it bore little resemblance to the real practice of witchcraft.

The occult is steeped in the most depraved forms of sexual perversion. Children in the occult are sexually traumatized regularly as a form of discipline. In fact SRA uses sexual abuse to deliberately induce multiple personalities in their children. In addition children are further traumatized by being forced to participate in ritual sacrifice involving both humans and animals. Occult children are impregnated and are kept isolated during pregnancy so that the child produced can be ritually sacrificed. The minor parents of those infants are required to participate in the sacrifice of their children. Occult children are forced to drink the adrenaline laced blood of traumatized victims. They are also poisoned with drugs and repeatedly raped.

By contrast there was not even a hint is perverted sex in the Harry Potter series. There was one scene with mild nudity in the last film. I didn’t read the last book. The children were for the most part treated with affection and respect. There were a few exceptions but the rest of the staff worked to balance them out. In addition, in contrast to the typical American High School, the students were not taught safe sex and were never given condoms. There were no pregnant teenagers and no abortion clinics. The nurse did not hand out birth control pills either.

Real witches and wizards do not ride on brooms as they did in Harry potter. Real witches do not use magic wands. A woman sitting in church next to me remarked about Harry Potter with authentic concern and a nod of her head, “Those were real spells [in Harry Potter]”. She probably had not read the books but was parroting the scuttlebutt surrounding the books. Well maybe some of them were real spells. Most authors, even fiction writers, do a significant amount of research to add weight to work and make it more realistic and interesting. I sincerely doubt all the Potter incantations are real spells. For example, Mrs. McGonagall confronted Harry and let him know that the Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, required his presence in his office. Harry mounted the spiral staircase as Mrs. McGonagall pointed her wand and said, “Lemon Sherbet” and the spiral staircase began to move and carried Harry upwards into Dumbledore’s office. You might want to try that sometime, say when you have to carry a heavy load up a flight of stairs. Let me know how that works. Or if you happen to find yourself surrounded by a bunch of bullies, try shouting “Expecto Patronum” and see if a ghostly looking white stag shows up to rescue you. Or if you find yourself confronting something that scares you, try looking at it and shouting “Ridiculous” and see if it turns into a clown. Seriously now!

Well, I lined Harry Potter up with The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia because the Evangelical crowd loved those. What was different? Were there similarities? Magic was an integral part of all three, though admittedly there was a heavier emphasis on magic in Harry Potter. All three of them depicted a classic struggle between good and evil and in all three the good wins out. In all three you find people combining their efforts to overcome a common enemy. In all three there are heroes who willingly lay down their lives for the sake of their mission.

In Harry Potter there is a point in which one of his arch rivals is in a tight spot and is likely going to burn to death, and Harry makes the decision to save his life. I did not see the enemy being saved from destruction in either Lord of the Rings, though Frodo does befriend Gollum for a time in LOR. In Chronicles, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Reepicheep befriends the antagonistic Eustace and eventually wins him over. Both Lucy in Chronicles and Hermione in HP have a vial of magic potion that is good for healing wounds or even bringing someone back to life.

The actual practice of witchcraft is very frightening and is very dangerous. Witches and Satanists chant the names of pagan deities during rituals. They summon the spirits of the dead and they commandeer demon spirits to do their dirty work. Some cultists have stood face to face with Satan himself. Though there might have been ghosts wandering around Hogwarts and the children talked to them, none of the other terror associated with pagan gods or demon spirits were associated with Harry Potter except for the dementors which the children were taught to avoid. In LOR an entire army of dead souls was called upon to fight the battle at Minas Tirath. Chronicles had also a ghost or two.

If cult members try to escape they can be severely abused or even killed especially if they betray any cult secrets. None of the children were forced to be a part of their education at Hogwarts, and they were not threatened or abused if they wanted to leave.

I personally tend to avoid reading material or other media that is too heavy with occult themes. Though I did not really have a problem with the books, I was concerned about the films because of the possibility of back masking which posses the threat of subliminal influence. I decided I did not want to watch those anymore. That would not be Ms. Rowling’s fault. The entertainment industry is full of cultists and the fact that back-masking is against the law wouldn’t matter to them.

Each person has to make their own decisions about what they see and hear. If you aren’t comfortable with Harry Potter then leave it alone . I would recommend reading a book by Linda Blood called The New Satanist. Ms. Blood became intimately acquainted with an infamous occult character known as Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set. In her book she describes the infiltration of the occult into the US Military and the intelligence community and the danger it presents to children in our communities. What concerns me more is the silence of the church about the true danger the occult presents to us today. Satanists and Luciferians have literally taken over this country. The church today remains largely asleep and oblivious to the real threat of the occult that is all around us.
Occultists are rich and powerful. They posses degrees in higher education. They are doctors, teachers, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists and even evangelical clergy. They have a frightening agenda and they posses no moral or ethical code. They have infiltrated every public and private institution, every business, every public office and even our hospitals. They don’t present to be any different than you and me, but they are committed to an agenda for world domination. They could be your peers, your boss, the head of your board and even the person who signs your paycheck. They have more political clout and more power then you ever imagined, and it is not magic. All of our lives are at risk because of their work. They have even taken control of the US military and the US Intelligence Community. They are spying on you and their astral projecting spirits could easily be in your home, invisible to your eye.

The church does not speak out so loudly about this. I wish they would. I wish that evangelicals would perceive the danger and prepare to fight. I wish I could see evangelicals who were as committed as Harry and his companions were to winning the fight.

Jesus commands us to love our enemies. Cultists are people. They have a diminished capacity to understand love, or the need for grace and mercy. They tend to see Christians as tyrants because of our position on chastity. They were raised with sexual perversion and abuse. They numb their own pain with sex, drugs and alcohol. They were never taught to believe that they mattered to anyone. They were taught to believe that they only mattered for what they contributed to the cause. They were rewarded
for unquestioned obedience to their cult authority figures and punished for the slightest infraction. They have no clue that everything they were taught is an absolute lie.

If we are going to shout about something, let’s not throw the proverbial tomato at our English sister, JK Rowling. Let’s have some some compassion and face the real fight. There are lives we could save. There are people who have worked tirelessly undercover to save the abused of the occult world. Let us pray and ask God how we could lend them our support and get into the ring. Somebody needs to be rescued.

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