The Influence of Pagan Rome and the Christian Church

In my contineous internet searches, I ran across some information pertaining to the corruption of the Christian church in the fourth century under the Roman Emperor Christian Constantine.  This of course sent me scurringing for more.  The Emperor wanted to create a state religion so he schmoozed the Catholic Church leadership into incorporating pagan practices and such into the worship of Yahweh.  This caused a schism between Jewish and gentile believers because it corrupted the church.  The Jews had learned their lesson.  The nation of Israel had been sent into exile for just that reason. Read Ezekiel 8! God does not condone pagan worship mixed with the worship of himself.

Ergo here we are in the 21st century worshipping God with pagan practices readily accepted by the church.  Even the best and most revered Bible scholars have been taught and passed on information about the practice of the Christian faith that are absolutely wrong!

The Bible is the infallable word of God. It has been transelated, retranselated, mistranselated. The Hebrew scribes were absolutely OCD when it came to copying the scripture. They did it all by hand and there could not be any errors. They counted the number of a’s and b’s and so on and they knew exactly which letter was supposed to be in the middle of the scroll. Their Holy book was sacred! We know that today there are more ancient manuscripts for the scriptures even dating back to within 100 years of the events described in them then any other ancient text. There is not one other ancient text that has even close to the manuscripts we have for the bible. The validity od the scripture is not in question.

I am not a Hebrew or Greek schollar.  So I am tasked with searching out the truth among those with more knowledge than myself.  And it is a search.  God intended it that way.  “The glory of Elohim is to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter ( Proverbs 25:2, HRB).  I am comforted by one very important fact, God has a copywright.  It’s written in the stars.  God in his infinite wisdom wrote the gospel in the stars. All of the stars in the sky have a name, “He appoints the number of the stars; He calls to them all by names” ( Psalm 147:4, HRB).  Each one of those names has a meaning and they tell the story of the creation, the fall of mankind, and his plan for salvation.  They have tried to edit that story with their astrology and horoscopes, but they can’t erase the original story nor it’s truth.

The heavens are recording the glory of El, and the works of His hand the expanse is manifesting.  Day by day they pour forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words where their voice is not heard.  Their measuring line has gone out throughout all the earth, and their words to the end of the world; … (Psalm 119: 1-4, HRB).
The Zodiac has existed from the begining of time.  You can’t go back to any time in history where they didn’t exist.  Leo and Capricorn and all the stary hosts have always been there, telling the story. 

We search and search and research and when we really want the truth, the search always leads us back to Yahweh. What happened in fourth century Rome is still with us today. So I am going to do my best to dig through the dust and clear away the rubble. Truth is vitally important to me. Truth is important to God. Finding the truth is sometimes like discovering a beautiful painting hidden underneath the work of a lesser artist.

Some have concluded that because rites such as baptism and the practice of fasting along with some Christian doctrines that are a mirror of pagan doctrines which predated Christs entrance to earth and the evolution of the Christian faith that Christianity is just another religion and is not really a reflection of the real creator of the world. God, however, predates it all. The very existance of matter itself implies a beginning and the very intricate interweaving of the echosystem reveals an incredibly intelligent being behind its creation. God has an enemy, an apostate angel of his own creation, who became jealouse of God’s throne and rebelled. Satan is his name and counterfeit is his game. Since Satan predates the creation of the Universe and since he understands God’s design, he has created a counterfeit religious system to distract mankind from the real thing. The creation of a counterfeit dollar bill does not mean that the real thing does not exist. If the real thing did not exist there would be no counterfeit. The death and ressurrection theme also existed in the pagan religious systems that predate Christ’s death and ressurrection on earth. However, as the infallible word of Gos declares, Jesus Christ was ” …slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:18).

The origin of the name of our Savior Jesus Christ

Bridget S. Howe 04042013

In my ever searching for answers to questions I occasionally come across something that surprises me. It takes a bit of digging because not everything you hear or read is accurate or true. There has been some confusion about the origin of the name of Jesus, renowned and revered around the world. Some of the information I found on the web indicated that he name of Jesus was adopted in the fourth century during the period when Constantine was attempting to create a state religion by combining Christianity with the Pagan religious system of Rome. During that period of time the regular worship day for Christians was on Saturday or the Sabbath. Constantine changed the day of worship to Sunday which was the day they worshipped the Sun God. The celebration of Christmas was established as the celebration of Christ’s birthday when in fact there has never been any indication that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. This was again a day in which a pagan god who went by several names was supposed to have been born. The Easter celebration, on which we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, was the celebration of the resurrection of Tammuz who also went by several other names. Jesus was supposed to have risen on Sunday and have been crucified on Friday. That is also incorrect. Jesus was crucified on Wednesday and rose on Saturday evening. Remember also that God’s day in the Bible did not begin with the morning but began with the evening (Genesis 1:5) so Friday evening for us would be the beginning of the Saturday referred to as Saturday evening.

Among the other changes is some confusion that the name of Jesus was derived from the name of a pagan god called Zeus. The reason for that is the Greek translation of the name of our savior is a transliteration. In Hebrew the name is Yahoshua or Yashua for short. Yahoshua is a combination of tje first part of The name of God which is Yahweh, and a common Hebrew name which is Hoshua. The two “Yah” and “Hoshua” together mean “My Salvation”. The shortened form “Yashua” is The same as Josh for Joshua. This name is sometimes spelled Yeshua because the Yah in Jesus name is part of the sacred name of God, Yahweh, which the Jews refused to speak. Thus they changed it to Yeshua (Warren, 2001). There was no j in the Hebrew or Greek language. There is no Y in the Greek alphabet. The Greek translation of the name Yeshua became Iesoues because they had no Y in their alphabet so they chose what sounded similar in their alphabet which is ie. They also have no “sh” sound so the “sh” was changed to an s. A masculine name in Greek would not end in an “a”. So the “a” on the end was changed to an s. Thus they came up with Iesous. In Latin it became Iesus.

The j did not appear until the Norman invasion of England in 1066. It was not widely used until the 17th century. It is a part of the French language. Thus names like James would have been written Iames, Jacob was written “Iakob” and John would have been “Yohan”. etc. The “J” became hardened and began to be used widely in the 17th century. Thus Iesues or Iesus became Jesus (Gleason, 1998-2012).

The name Christ means “anointed” or “messiah”. Believers in Christ are referred to as “Christians” that is “messianics”.

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