TI Stories

Tell me your story.  When did it start happening? Who set you up? Where were you when you first started to notice something was wrong? Why do you think you are being targeted?  What kinds of things have you experienced as a targeted individual.  Who are the people who support you? How do you cope?

Guy Potter – former US Postal Employee

I understand Guy’s story because I am familiar with what TI’s have endured. There are some things in here which may be unclear to you. I attempted to write him and get clarification but the “Mailer Demon” sent it back. Somebody corrupted his email address so my email did not get through to him. I would like to explain some things in this story to make it clearer. My comments appear in brackets.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, guy potter wrote: My name is guy potter, I have been a victim of remote neural monitoring [RNM] for over 25 years since employment at usps. This eh os hearing a voice in the air with a frey type device started a few months before my employment with usps. I have noticed many ties to corporations and then this stalking begins. My theory is these gangstalkers are hired via a threat assessment or possibly a form to the fbi for some bogus reason. My x neighbors the ones doing this to me are a older jewish satanic type people who moved in the house behind me. I recognize their voice and they are the live operator of this rnm frey type device. My marriage to my wife ended after 27 yrs and 3 kids. I cant blame my x she does not want to spend the rest of her life listening to slander via cell and radio harassment about me. My whole life is consumed to spreading counter slander and a mass character assignation wherever I go via satellite track on to radio and cell eh os.[One of the major tactics of gang stalkers is to discredit their victims. They do spread malicious gossip and slander in order to destroy the credibility of their victims. They also use mind control technology for the same purpose which can be accessed via satellite by computer.] Many targeted people end up homeless and helpless which seems to be one of the goals of this. I have talked with several targeted people that are workplace mobbed out of jobs and filed for ssi disability because they are constantly harassed over this. I was fortunate I retired early and filed a eeo complaint before I left as well as 5 charges with the police about the x neighbors and satellite eh os [I am not sure what he means by eh os. It may be an abbreviation for “electronic harassment operating system”]. With me at usps there was intercom eh os as well as people working next to me acting erratic and having race problems etc while listening to headsets. Then when confronted denial and I ended up with another visit to a psyche which seems to be what this is designed to do. [Many victims of electronic harassment are discredited by falsely diagnosing them with a mental illness when they complain.] They want victims of this to seem incredible [lose credibility] so if it were to go to court the victims would look incredible. I have talked to other victims that are incarcerated via loss of temperature [I am pretty sure he means “loss of temper”. Sometimes computers try to do our thinking for us and substitute the wrong word.] due to bait and attack techniques which are all designed to provoke people to prison. [Gang stalkers use electronic equipment and other harassment techniques to provoke their targets to anger because they want them to blow up and do something violent and irrational. The goal is incarceration of the targeted individual.] So as far as the usa being a so called free country that is impossible with this rnm going on and ruining lives daily.


  1. And then there were 3 from Washington… My observation stage started some time ago. Not sure exactly when, but as I learn more about what is happening by studying technologies and techniques as well as reading other TI stories, I realize that it was at least as early as 2001. I remember weird motorhomes pulling vehicles that I would later see separate from the motorhome, etc. I also remember being tracked by aircraft traveling in and around Walla Walla and Tri-Cities area; even rolling up on a group of “Stalkers?” huddled around an Apache Helicopter hiding between small hills on farmland outside of Walla Walla. They promoted me this year to full-blown “Target” this year and I am being severely microwaved as I type this. I will meet, talk, and/or support any other TI. Life is short and with what I have been learning about CERN and not just what they have been doing, but more so what they are about to do this year; Our handlers will be taking all that practice they have gotten on us and applying it to the general public. Time to spread the word. Whatever we have done good or bad, doesn’t matter as long as we finish well.

  2. Im a young woman, aged 28. I have been a target for 12 years now. It all started on the high school. In my case, Jews are behind it all. Yes Im a Christian, but not fanatical. Im pro-choice, liberal, btw… I investigated the ancestry of the names of my gangstalkers – they are all Jews…I only recently came to this conclusion by the investigation…I visited a catholic high school, and many students were Jews there…but I never realized this before…I was never antisemitic, but now…heh Im not so sure – now I think the majority of Jews are evil and should be put in the jail heh:D They did horrible things to me and even tried to physically assault and rape me..fortunatelly it never happened as I was careful enough…and fortunatelly I didnt lose my humour and wit…Maybe there are good, liberal Jews, too…but I strongly suspect the vast majority of them are evil…I had Jewish men telling me I should die, they made death threats, attempted to assault me, etc…they are extremely cruel…and even Jewish women had no mercy for me…they behave exactly like their men – they like to harass and insult other women…I find this all so shocking and unbelievable…that in the 21st century something like this could happen….so – in my case, Jews are behind it, and now I fully acknowledge it! I dont really believe about freemasons, satanists, nazis… as now I know all of my stalkers are Jews!

  3. I am gang stalked in Louisiana. This gang stalking was order by my former employer LSU. I worked for a Louisiana Federal Attorney who put this evil conspiracy out on me and family members.

    • Louisiana? I have a friend who was going to school down there. There was some fishy business going on with her student loans and she researched the problem and found out they were using her money for something else instead of giving it to her right away. She ended up being targeted. Hang in there Stephanie. I have a lot of Facebook friends who are also TIs. Feel free to join us.

  4. I have been a TI for more than 20 years. However, I did not notice the voice to skull technology being used until 2002. I have seen many stories of other supposed TIs that appear to be fake or are mockeries of real TI stories. Of course those mockeries are designed to make real TIs appear crazy. and that is the ultimate goal of the “game”, to make TIs appear mentally ill and emotionally unstable. Once someone is considered mentally ill, their credibility goes out the window. That is how this program continues to thrive. Actually, most TIs are probably very sane and credible. But the smear campaign is too powerful and therefore causes emotional distress. One need not look any further than organized stalking and electronic harassment to understand the cause of many mass shootings.

  5. Google this…usps and Stanford university using microwave weapons….its a research. I Google my post master at Baker post office Alicia woods and that’s how I found out that the usps and standford university is researching microwave weapons

  6. First off I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question
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  8. My name is jung kim, living in washington state. I am still not sure that why i became a TI and don’t know who the perpetrators are. I feel like someone was watching me for a long time but i just can’t tell the beginning…

    March 2011 yakima,wa one day i started to hear someone talking in korean from the sky. I knew there were no korean around me but kept hearing from upstair and behind me. There were several women’s voices and they started to follow me and made comments on my every actions. In the beginning i thought there were surveillance camera around me because i did not know anything about mind reading technology. I used be a casino dealer and i don’t have any science background. One thing i still don’t understand that why i did not feel anything strange or suspicious about getting v2k, heating sensation on my chest and constant sextual arousal. I thought everything was natural and normal. I ended up getting a job at the fish processing plant in dutch harbor ak and still working there. It was the first time in alaska and first time working in fishing industry. But sometimes i am thinking that i wanted to go there or not, it feel like someone made me to go there.

    June 2011 dutch harbor ak, I started to hear men and women voices in korean while i am working. I am starting to get frequency on back of my head and body joint. That is the time i start to make research about the technology. Since then the perpetrators were inside of my head 24/7 and start to wake me up middle of night and keep me awake. They kept bothering me while i am working and saying “quit and leave”. I talked to supervisor and co-worker about the experience, i ended up getting a suspension and had to see psychologist twice. I could quit the job and leave the island but i realized that moving will not change anything. Also i was angry and wanted to find out who was doing it to me. I had a massive attack for about 5 monthes, they were put hard pressure on low left side back of head and keep blocking me from thinking clear. They kept torturing my elbow and knee and talking trash, sometimes talking like AI but it was just funny talking. They were implanting thought everything “opposite” of my thought and made me forget things or blocking the words while clicking my tongue with frequency. The worst attack was that while i was sleeping they hold my breath, when i got outside from third floor apartment to breath they made subliminal command “JUMP”. I did not make any body movement but it was the moment i could not forget. Now i know that the most of symtoms are the part of frequency trick(?) but i was scare then and i joined ti group and share the experience. One of TI helped me through the rough times saying that “don’t destroy yourself and purify your thought” such sentence can’t be twisted around meaning backward like “my name is jung kim”. I am still getting v2k, frequency tickle and video projection when i go to sleep… but no more fear.

    Lately some of memories are starting to come back even though the perps. are twisting. I believe that many goverment agency are responsible for these illegal research such as nsa(echelon), homeland security(fusion center), haarp etc. But I think my perpetrators are some group of researchers(commercial base) doing illegal testing… I have been writing a diary and taking memo from workers in differant plant and differant island in alaska. Some people think that there are “ghost” inside plant because of hearing unknown sound or being touch by someone even though no around.

    I became a victim without any reason but i don’t ask myself “why” anymore. It is very hard to accept the fact that i will have to live life as a TI but i tried to make best out of it. I will try to understand the technology better and let other people know that we TI are not crazy, we are just victims of illegal research.

    • Thank you there are sadly many Koreans involved,NY, LA. Some in NY were quite young one I can remember she seems to have a lame foot,like its on backward,you can hear her in the stairway like that. That was ave b late at night once she was with four other young koreans laughinf well dressed expensive coats all gloating and laughing. She is chubby foran Asian girl feom asia,maybe five six sickly smile. In my photos in NY there is a Korean family sitting near me in a park, they seemed to be a fake family. T the mom couldn’t walk in heels which is strange for a Korean. Its all software for sure when you have no other Koreans around you.

    • Hi Jung & Bridget,

      I also a victim in WA state! I have suffered nearly identical harassment as to what you (Jung, specifically) have described, extending as far as them trying to suffocate me while I slept. In my case, they have also electrocuted me or caused seizures while I was in a half-sleep state (possibly drugged as I realize now). They ceaselessly harass me via three V2K voices, all human, two women and one disguised male’s voice. My harassment and gang stalking started about 3 years ago. At first, they tried to make it seem like my neighbors were talking about me, coughing and slamming windows. They would use voice projections to make it sound like some woman was looking for me outside my house. I would hear constant thumping up and down the stairs outside my home. I ended up moving and moving (as you know) does not help. I would advise other victims out there to just stay where you are. The harassment will not stop when you change locations. In many cases, it will get more intense so they can prove to us victims that they are always in control. I had never heard about gang stalking or OH before my campaign started.

      In addition to using V2k to harass me verbally at all hours of the day and night as well as being targeted by electronic weapons, my attackers “spoof:” all the media I am exposed to. These criminals have vast resources, undoubtedly. You can learn more about this online, but the criminals who harass me, spoof my web use, television and radio intake. They do this, because part of the harassment against us, it to interfere with every aspect of out lives and communication. That often means, TV, Radio and internet. The people that use v2k to harass me mostly imitate children’s voices to annoy me. Over the years, they have tried to copy different voices of people I know or have met, so that I will believe more people (than really are) are involved in the harassment. These people are pure psychopaths. It once got so bad that they pushed me into the trap of nearly committing suicide. Thankfully, it didn’t work. I now know that was exactly what they wanted! I fell into their disgusting trap. Never again!

      Like usual, they also try to keep me awake at night with various methods. They will cause muscle spasms at the exact moment I am falling asleep, “vibrate” my face, cause leg pain, vertigo, etc. They also “induce dreams.” They usually make these dreams a perverse, gross experience for me. The good thing is that I always know what’s real and what’s not. I understand that these crazy dreams are coming from them, not from me. And I don’t take it personally when I witness anything negative on the street or elsewhere. Although, street “skits” are abound always.

      Jung, I would love to get into contact with you to share and compare experiences (as well as any other TIs in this site). I have been trying to reach out to other victims, in fact I em’d every person on the FFCHS website, and NO ONE ever got back to me. Not sure if they think I am a perp posing as a victim or what. The truth is that I AM A REAL VICTIM. I am suffering from all the horrors that go along with organized harassment, Psyops and gang stalking. The kinds of psychological harassment they impress upon me is invasive, intense and literally every moment of every day. For this reason, I do not know if my emails are actually making it to their intended targets.

      Anyone here, please feel free to email me at sashacrow90@hotmail.com. After emailing, I might be willing to talk via phone as well.

      Looking forward to getting in touch with fellow victims 🙂


      • Concerned about this gal. Tried to contact her by method she left above and she closed that email addy. I’m concerned about fellow TI’s right now. These are the last days for real. No doubt in my mind. If you are a believer, you know what I am talking about. If you are not, I strongly encourage you to seek out someone that can explain to you the importance of the Cross and Who Jesus Christ is and why He had to die so we can live. We are all going to meet Him soon (see all the CERN articles and videos of Youtube) . Better to meet Him in Celebration and Eternal Life than in Fear and Eternal Death. The torture we have endured here will be NOTHING compared to what will be experienced if you don’t make what Jesus did for you matter and instead spend all eternity with your handlers in eternal Hell. They WANT to go there. You don’t.
        For an indepth look at who your handlers are, See:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2DobemCCqY

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